Guy agrees to everything the wife says but there is a surprise

February 26, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Woman called up her husband and was over the moon with joy when he agreed to everything he said.

Her husband was in the locker room at the time and she called his cell phone and a man picked up the phone, all of the other guys in the locker room turned to hear what the dude was saying and it went something like this.

The guy said hello. The woman than went on to ask if he was at the club or not to which the guy responded that he was at the club. He went on to ask her what she wanted to talk about and how she was doing.

The woman told him she out shopping and had taken a fancy to a two thousand dollar leather coat and asked him if she could buy it with his money of course. To her amazement he told her that if she liked it he was ok with it and she should go ahead and splurge two thousand dollars on her coat if it made her happy.

Then she told him that she had gone to the local dealership of the luxury automaker, Lexus and that she really took a liking to their new cars and wanted to buy a brand new Lexus. The man inquired as to how much, the woman told him it was only 90 thousand dollars. The guy told her it was great as long as the car was full options. The woman could not believe herself.

She went on to tell him that there was a great house on the market and they were demanding some 980 thousand dollars for the property. The guy told her to go ahead and try to get them to settle for 900 thousand otherwise he was also willing to pay full price. The woman continued to get even more bewildered and amazed as to how he was agreeing to everything she was saying. Maybe it was just her lucky day or something.

The woman ends up finishing the call and tells the man how much she loves him and that she is simply jumping with joy that he is doing so much just to make her happy.

The guy looks around and all the men in the locker room at the club are just dumbfounded they are flabbergasted and stare at him in astonishment for having agreed to such purchases so casually as if it was nothing. Then the man speaks up at last and asks all of those around him if anyone knew whose phone it was that he was holding.

One thing is for sure when the woman’s husband is going to go home he is in for a rude awakening as his wife would have piled on more than a million dollars in purchases in just one day and to make it worse she will blame him for having given the go ahead in the first place only to backtrack on his word later.

One can only hope and pray that she has not made the purchases before he the two get in touch or otherwise their finances are going to be in jeopardy for years to come and all due to a simple prank.

The woman also deserves a standing round of ovation for not being able to tell if it was her husband on the other side or a random guy just messing around.

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