Eight Rules For Wearing Rings Properly And What Each Finger Means

February 05, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Everyone is kind of super sensitive today. I wouldn’t be surprised if you went in a bar, and someone got offended by how you wear your rings!

Because it turns out that now there’s even an etiquette on how you should be wearing your own jewelry. And thanks to Providr, today’s class will teach you about the PROPER way to wear your rings. (I know, I know!)

No meaning for the thumb? I wear mine on the thumb.

Before we start this lesson? Here’s a tip: feel free to break these rules. But let’s see what the “ring experts” say.

1. You should wear it with confidence

I can’t help but wonder – how does one wear a ring WITHOUT confidence? Genuinely perplexed here. But oh well, on to expert tip number 2. Which is:

2. Each ring has a message

Or more precisely, each FINGER connotes a special meaning. Like the wedding finger being traditionally worn on the second to last finger, and usually on your left hand. If you put your wedding finger on your middle finger, chances are no one’s going to know you’re married. This also comes in handy when you decide to put the very same middle finger on full display. (Cough.)

3. A ring on your pinky finger

Errr, who does this? Apparently, it’s people who believe in palmistry and astrology. Granted, they’re fairly rare, which may be why I’ve never seen anyone actually wear a ring on their pinky finger. But the pinky is associated with higher intelligence, and these types of people can have a great influence on others.

4. The middle finger

Usually, this is confident, rebellious people. Hmmm. Who would’ve thought, right?

5. Wearing a ring on the thumb

According to ring experts, people who wear a ring on their thumb are usually strong characters and possess great wealth. Which caught me by surprise. Right now I’m staring at my own thumb ring, and I swear, I see neither wealth nor character here!

6. Ring to hand proportion

This should be fairly obvious, but I frequently see people with huge hands and tiny ass rings, or tiny hands and big ass rings. And on such occasions, I can’t help but wonder, like, what the hell? Do you not have EYES? But frustrations aside, the key outtake here is that you should keep your rings in proportion to your hands. The smaller the hand, the appropriately small the ring. And vice versa – big fingers, or long ones, need something extra to really make them stand out. Also: don’t put all of your rings on one hand – space them out a little bit.

7. Basic aesthetics – do your rings fit your style and other jewelry?

Make sure everything is in tone. Or in a balance of colors and bling. You wouldn’t put just one earring on your ear, leaving the other empty (or slapping an entirely different earring on the other ear). The same goes for rings. See how it all works, take a full body view.

8. Be original

Time for some casual contradiction, as with everything in life. Look, you don’t want to wear a bunch of stuff that looks completely random, so some sort of congruence between your jewelry and clothes is necessary, but at the same time – try not to follow trends. Allow yourself some creativity – add an original touch.

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