Did You Know That People Your Age Had This Much Sex Every Year?

February 02, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Come on, let's be real... who doesn't like sex? Apart from the fact that it is absolutely fun and engaging, it's actually good for your health and keeps your relationship going!

But here’s a really good question, “Just how much sex should you have in a year?” Well. Don’t worry, we got you covered! The Kinsey Institute, in 2005, conducted a research to know just how much on average does each age group gets in the sheets to get a little freaky?

18-29: an average of 112 times a year

Well, this will probably not come to anyone as a surprise. After all, it’s the “prime years” so getting down and dirty is definitely fun. Also, this is the time for many people where they look for a life partner or HAVE a new life partner, some multiple (no judgment), but you get the point.

30-39: an average of 86 times a year

As expected, you’re in your 30’s, so life gets more real by the second. You get kids, you get a good career, you buy a house, all of these are happening in your life so that’s totally understandable. Of course, just like anyone else, who doesn’t like a good shag right? 

40-49 years: an average 69 times a year

Well this one is something that you can call a hit or miss. Kinda like the 30’s but more, there are people in this age who have bigger families by now so you can bet that the s*x stock will plummet. But hey! There’s always your 50’s.

That’s right! There are people who say that the best sex they’ve ever had was when they hit their 50’s. Well, they apparently have more free time so play time is ON.

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