Colorado Is Providing Food And Housing For The Homeless Using $3 Million From Cannabis Tax

February 06, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

The decision by the state of Colorado in October 2014 to legalize marijuana for recreational use was revolutionary as the state saw an increase each year in tax revenue gained from cannabis sales. As such, Colorado made almost $70 million in the last financial year, ending in June 2016. And one of the key arguments made for legalizing weed was revenue gained through taxation.

Now that this turned out to be true, the other states find it more appealing to follow in Colorado’s footsteps. And since it makes so much additional money every year, the state has decided to make a positive impact on those who need it most.

Providing Homes For The Homeless

Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado which has announced it will be using over a third of the $ 4.5 million gained through the weed tax in order to support local non-profit homeless organizations. As such, over the next 3 years, more than $3 million will be given to a series of charities and organizations across the city, all of which work industriously to provide food and hostels for the homeless people. The money will be paid out over the course of three years, with $1.5 million promised before the end of June 2017.

Furthermore, organizations such as the Comitis Crisis Center and Aurora Mental Health have received money in order to buy a van and hire two care workers. This is important as it enables them to reach homeless people who aren’t able to reach the walk-in centers due to lack of funds for public transport.

Cannabis’s Positive Impact on Society

According to several studies, cannabis has a positive effect on your happiness, mood, and general health and well-being. On the other hand, it reduces depression, anxiety, and stress and includes medical benefits such as treating physical pain, seizures, nausea, vomiting, and inflammation.

According to Aurora Councilman Bob Roth, this shows the city’s residents the positive influence the local government can have. There are more than 1000 homeless individuals in Aurora. This project really outlines how cannabis can benefit, instead of damaging the local community, especially the less fortunate.

In addition, the Colfax Community Network has been given $220.000 to support their operating costs. The money serves as a guarantee that the organization can continue their work. It’s also very likely that further funds will be sent their way over the next two years.

Legalization And Victimless Crimes

There is no doubt that the legalization of marijuana is a controversial issue. Although there are small changes and legalization is slowly taking over the world, people will still be detained due to permits, regulations and amount restrictions. This means that farmers and users trying to profit or using their medicine of choice will still be arrested. However, the use of the money Aurora made for the homeless people is a clear indicator of the good it can really do. These people are often undeservedly neglected as part of the society, and it’s refreshing to see the city band together to right this wrong using the money from selling marijuana.

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