Choose a Buddha of good luck, receive your pure spiritual guide

February 15, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Pick one Lucky Buddha in the picture below and then read your message. Lucky Buddhas are part of the eastern traditions and we hope that you will enjoy this little test.


This is the time when you have the perfect opportunity to start everything you’ve ever wanted. Your biggest and wildest dreams are now going to become reality, but you need to fully invest yourself and make hard efforts.

They say 2018 is the year of radical changes, the lunar eclipses are going to ‘suck out’ the whole negativity from our planet and that will be a perfect time for many to acknowledge themselves and try to change many things in their lives. if you picked this Lucky Buddha it means that you should also make a step forward in love, try to find a partner if you are alone, if you are in a relationship of any kind- to make it evolve on a whole new level.

To protect yourself, stay away from toxic and negative people. Think with your own head and stay focused, if you are determined the results will soon be visible.


You will receive a special surprise in the form of a gift from a person you would never expect. The gift will also change many things in your life and will be influential for your personality. You will need to make a choice that will brighten up your life and also forge you strong friendship bonds with people that you never expected. You will find many good experiences in the period ahead, but you need to stick close to the people you love.

Your empathy and connections with other human beings will help you heal your soul and make all the pain vanish. This is some kind of a peaceful process of discovering new abilities and sides of your personality and spirit.


This Lucky Buddha tells you that you will be puzzled by the unknown. Love and passion is approaching, but you should find out how. You have to make great efforts and sacrifices to satisfy the people close to you. You will have an unknown need to show love to the people who care about you.

You neglected your emotional side for too long, well, this is your chance to revive it. If you focus more on these things, you will see that your success and fulfillment will be visible in all fields of your private and professional life. The time for progress has come, but you need to be smart, patient and inquisitive.

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