Catherine Zeta Jones’s Daughter Is The Same Like Her Mother And Will Follow Her Footsteps

February 02, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

This is definitely a fairytale story you don’t want to miss. They married in 2000 and are still together. The 48-year-old actress and the 73-year-old actor’s age gap did not stand in their way to happiness. Here they are now, with two children who are following in their footsteps. In February, the actress revealed that both her children will be joining their parents in Hollywood. Will it be a smooth path for them or will they fall under the pressure of already having famous parents? One thing is for sure, her 14-year-old teen daughter Carys Zeta Douglas is the spitting image of her mother!

It seems like 17-year-old Dylan and 14-year-old Carys have quite the acting abilities.

Their mother opened up about it to the media:

“I think they’re good at it. When they’re on stage, you want to look at them. And they’re interested in the craft. My sons wants to do a Bachelor of Arts in theatre. My daughter wanted to be a paediatrician until she was five, when she decided acting was better.”

Both of the children will be encouraged by the Entrapment actress and the Basic Instinct actor.

“I’m all for it. A lot of people ask me, ‘What do you think about that?’ Well, yeah, I could give them statistics of who becomes successful and who doesn’t… I could say, ‘You know, you’ll never get work’ – but I’m not that kind of person. I’ve had a fabulous life as an actress. I’m excited for them to start on this journey, too,” Zeta-Jones said in an interview.

She also stated that they are quite musical, too.

“They’re very musical, so we sing through life – which is a great treat for me because my husband… well, I love him, but he can’t sing a note,” she explained. “You know, he claims he sang on the backing track to When the Going Gets Tough, the Touch Gets Going but I know Billy Ocean wouldn’t let him. But my daughter plays piano, my son plays bass guitar and lead guitar and I just bought him a huge drum set, to his father’s distaste. They love disco, my son’s into the Rolling Stones, and it’s all very eclectic and wonderful. I love the fact that they love music so much.”

They are now out in the limelight and Carys is certainly turning a lot of heads.

The teen made an appearance with her mother at the Michael Kors show recently. She was dressed in a black off-the-shoulder top and embroidered metallic skirt. It is so similar to her mother’s style in the past! So chic!

The mother and daughter even sat in the same way, watching the models during the show.

After the event, they posed with the designer.

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