Can YOU spot the raven before he attacks the Beefeater in this tricky brain teaser?

February 08, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

THE TOWER of London wouldn't be the same without the traditional Beefeaters and ravens keeping guard.

And in this tricky brainteaser baffling the internet, people are being asked to spot the rogue raven hiding in the image before he attacks a drunken guardsman.

A raven is hiding in this picture with one of the Tower of London beefeaters. But can you spot it before it attacks?

In this latest Playbuzz quiz, creator Alan Sherin challenges users to “save the Beefeater” before the bird gets angry.

He asks: "Millions have tried and millions have failed to save this poor Beefeater from being attacked by the Tower Raven."

So can you spot the raven in time before the Beefeater meets a grisly ending?

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