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While there are things that might be starkly different between them, most girls share the same interests. This means that most girls have a similar set of things that they might find completely irresistible. From a certain type of food to traits in a man, there are some fixed things that most women have trouble saying no to.

There are some universally irresistible things on every woman’s checklist that when encountered with, most women find hard to resist if not impossible. If you are curious about what those things might be, take a look down below!


If a girl is engaged in conversation with a guy who has an accent, rest assured that she is focusing more on his accent than what he is actually saying. By the definition of most girls, if a guy is cute and has a sexy accent on top, he is an absolute winner in their eyes. There is just something incredibly sexy about a heavy accent that girls simply can’t seem to get enough of. The way words roll the tip of his tongue is nothing short of music to her ears. Moreover, the stark difference in pronunciation between how the both of you say a lot of things is anything if not cute! So if a cute guy with a heavy accent asks out a girl, chances are she won’t have it in her to say no.


If you ever want to see a girl’s eyes light up with just one word, suggest going out to your local Starbucks to grab a quick beverage. Why this coffee franchise continues to rise above the competition and remain a hot favorite is nothing short of a mystery.

However, the pop culture appeal is what probably makes people flock towards their local Starbucks and women are no different. The fact that their beverages taste like absolute heaven are a delight to look at and their ever-changing coffee cups are nothing short of a must-have fashion accessory for morning selfies also helps the popularity of Starbucks. Whether it is a well brewed caramel macchiato, or the seasonal favorite pumpkin spice latte, you will never find a girl saying no to Starbucks.


It seems like a new makeup product hits the shelves every week or so. However, that in no way stops a girl from wanting more makeup. It does not matter if a girl has something very similar from five different brands, once something new comes along, she has to have it. Even if they have no real use for the product and it will get rarely used, if ever, many girls have trouble saying no to buying a makeup product. Even if she is going relatively broke, the moment a new highlighter drops, chances are she’s going to push people over to get her hands on it.


It does not matter how lame a movie may seem; most girls can’t say no to watching a good old cheesy romcom. Any movie that features Jennifer Aniston or Ryan Gosling is an automatic yes, and no girl will ever say no to watching them. Romcoms are nothing short of comfort food for girls. The presence of cheesy romance in the movies makes up for the lack of love in their lives, while simultaneously giving them hope that things will eventually get better in the love department.


While most girls might be reluctant to admit it, they never really grew out of the boyband phase. The go-to music playlist for most girls involves a lot of music that is by boy bands. What makes this fact even harder to digest is that these boy bands are not only popular ones that are all the rage nowadays, like One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer.

Girls also love boybands from the past like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Not only do they love the catchy lyrics, but they just can’t stop themselves to dancing along to the rhythmic beats of the song. Of course, the fact that all the boys in these bands are super good looking never hurt anyone.


While men often oscillate between several groups of friends, women are known to have a close group of friends that they would do anything for. It does not matter if she is sick, tired, or had a bad day, if her BFF calls up on her a girl will definitely do her best to show up.

Girls take their friendships to be very serious and saying an outright no to a friend seems out of the question. So if a close friend wants to hang out in the mall, or come over to her house for a bit, the chances are that the girl won’t say no even if she has to cancel plans to make it happen. After all, in a girl’s world, her BFF always comes before the rest of the world.


Nowadays, most girls are continuously glued to their television screens. They not only watch but obsess over multiple reality TV shows, from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, to Real Housewives. Girls love drama, and the truth is that no matter how interesting your life gets, you will never have that sort of drama in real life. To make up for the lack of over the top drama in their lives, most girls take to reality TV to let their obsessions out. Not to mention there is just something so satisfying about watching how messy someone else’s life is and how in control of your own life it makes you feel.

Well, it isn’t sadistic if it isn’t actually hurting anyone, right?


While the world may want you to think that all women love their bad boys, the truth of the matter is that most women can’t resist a thorough gentleman. If a guy who is kind and sweet shows even a slight romantic inclination towards a girl, the chances are that she will jump at the opportunity. Girls love a man who knows how to treat women right, and they will never be able to turn him down.


If you ever happen to ask a girl if she can tag along to your spa appointment, or get a mani-pedi with you, there is no way that she is ever turning you down. Girls can’t ever say no to a good old pampering session. Whether it comes in the form of going out with a BFF for matching mani-pedis or having her guy give her a good old massage, a girl will never say no to being spoilt. Getting pampered makes girls feel important, and that’s a feeling few people would turn down.


If something a girl has her eye on goes on sale, there is no way she is ever going to not buy it. Finding a great deal on a product is something that most girls can’t seem to pass up. It does not matter how useless the thing might be in the long term, if it has been marked down for a sale, you can bet that a girl will find a way to justify her purchase!

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