Biggest Difference Between Love-Making In Movies And Real Life!

February 08, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Many of us expect our real life to be like the life shown in movies, especially the love-making scenes. Sometimes our judgment flies so high wrapped up with fantasy, that we fail to realize the big difference, which exists between love-making in movies and real life.

In real life when you try to depict those movies love-making moments, and instead it backfires, causing broken bones, broken bed, car accidents, or yelling and waking up the neighborhood. There can never be a carbon copy of the perfect and stunning love-making scenes from the movies in real life. This is the reality and we need to acknowledge it before some serious mishaps take place.

Let’s have a look at some of the big difference between love-making in movies and real life.

1. The desperation and passion behind love-making in movies.

In real life, the desperation to run for the toilet comes first.

2. Getting into wild moaning during love-making on the dining table in movies.

Getting wild with the breaking of spine and cutleries in real life.

3. A happy ending in movies

Never reaching the ending in real life

4. After sex in movies, it’s appreciation.

Unfortunately, it’s apps-fixation, straightaway.

5. They show a couple sharing dreams in a movie after making love.

But the difference in real life is you share toilet paper.

6. A romantic open air moment in a love story movie.

The difference is a painful moment with bees.

7. Romantic love by the beach in cinema.

Actually, it’s drowning in the beach.

8. A sensual moment on the stairs in films.

The difference is rolling down the stairs in reality.

9. Couple piling against the book shelf in a movie looks incredible.

But practically the books get piled on you.

10. A breathtaking romantic moment on the train tracks.

Brass tacks you may have a breathless moment, soon. Look behind!

11. These moments look so dramatic in cinema.

In reality, there’s no difference, it just becomes more dramatic.

12. Making love in the shower in films looks so intense.

But in reality, the smell is intense.

13. An arousing standing love scene from a movie.

It definitely arouses pain too in reality.

14. A happy couple jumping on the bed in films.

Practically, beds often break with all that jumping around.

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