Baby Girl Conceived On Valentine’s Day Is Born With A Heart-Shaped Birthmark

February 22, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Poppy-Rae, the baby girl of interest, is the first child of 20-year-old Jade Sparham and 21-year-old Liam Scaife. She was born in November, and her parents worked out that she was conceived on Valentine’s day. Scroll down for the whole story.

The girl with the heart-shaped birthmark

Poppy-Rae, who is 12-weeks-old now, was born in November last year. Her parents later worked out that she was conceived on Valentine’s day.
When it first appeared

The birthmark appeared two days after her birth, and her parents became concerned as they thought it had something to do with her health.

But all was fine

The doctor assured the parents that her health was fine. ‘I couldn’t believe when we spotted the heart on her head, especially after we worked out that she was conceived on Valentine’s Day last year. It was such a lovely coincidence,’ said Jade, the mother.

It was a pressure mark

The doctor said that it was a pressure mark and would fade away in a few hours.

But it didn’t fade…

The mark stayed on her forehead, unlike as predicted by the doctor. The parents even noticed that the mark would become an angry red every time the baby llaughed or cried.

Health concerns

‘When I first noticed the mark on Poppy-Rae’s forehead turn bright red, I was a little concerned because I didn’t know what it meant,’ says Jade. They later realized that it’s a birthmark.

Concerns of the future

Jade was worried that her daughter might have to face bullying or even struggle to find a boyfriend because of her birthmark.

Embracing the new look

Jade and Liam, the parents of the baby, have now come to see their daughter’s look as unique and are beginning to do away with their fears.

On the day of her birth

Poppy-Rae on the day of her birth wearing a pink babygro. The red mark on her forehead is also visible.

The apple of their eye

Poppy-Rae is the apple of her parents eye, and they both love her a lot.

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