Amazing Benefits Of Activated Carbon For Your Health You Have To Know Them!

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Activated carbon, is used to clean and detoxify the organism in a safe and natural way.

How is it used and what is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is a product of vegetable origin and has the property of absorbing gases, chemicals, heavy metals, proteins, waste and toxins, for this reason it is very important for detoxification.

This great product can be used in capsules, powders and poultices. If it is used in powder it is recommended to take a spoonful in a glass of water; In capsules four are taken at mid-morning and four at mid-afternoon.
What uses can we give to activated carbon?

Ideal in first aid
It is widely used to provide first aid in cases of poisoning with poisonous substances or overdose of some type of drug. It can absorb an amount of sixty grams of harmful substances.

Detoxification tool
Activated charcoal is a great help in detoxification therapies, especially of the colon, and is the main component in several products that are used to perform different detoxification processes.

For stomach problems
The carbotecnia is very useful to treat the diarrhea, the gases and the stomach swelling, liberating the stomach of the excess of gases; It also helps to normalize intestinal activity.

It has rejuvenating properties
This product is also used to stop the effects of the passage of time in the body, as it helps the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands in their processes, which evidently retards cell aging.

Help reduce cholesterol
Activated charcoal helps reduce cholesterol levels, lipids and triglycerides in the blood.

Finish viruses and bacteria
This product has the great property of preventing viruses and bacteria that enter the body from remaining in it and being watered throughout the body, causing the discomforts and problems that these can cause.

It helps to whiten your teeth, it is enough that you wash them with this product, to do it you need: carbon powder and toothpaste without fluoride.

Sprinkle the charcoal on your wet brush, put the paste and brush your teeth as you would normally. The mouth is going to get black but it is normal, as soon as you rinse it everything will go back to normal.

With the constant use of this technique you will even whiten your teeth in a short time.

How to take it?

Coal is sold in powder or in pill form in health food stores.

It is recommended not to abuse him and follow the instructions of a specialist in the subject.

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