A Woman Just Became Pregnant While ALREADY Pregnant

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Jessica Allen is a 31-year-old, who was a surrogate mother for the child of a Chinese couple. After a routine sonogram one day however, the doctors told her and the excited parents that she was expecting twins. Two baby boys were welcomed to the world in December but something was amiss – they didn’t look alike, leave identical! Turns out, one of them was her own biological son! Before you get any ideas, she wasn’t fooling around with anyone; the real culprit is superfetation, a rare phenomenon where ovulation doesn’t stop even after fertilization! Read on to find out more about this very rare and interesting case.

The surrogacy scenario

Jessica hails from California, which is one of the only states in the U.S. where surrogacy is legal and there are many surrogacy agencies making the most of it. As with most surrogacy programs, Jessica conceived via in-vitro fertilization in April 2016. Originally, a sum of $30,000 was agreed upon and only one child was foreseen. After the aforementioned sonogram test though, an additional $5,000 payment was also contracted between the parents and Jessica.

Special delivery

Jessica welcomed the two boys into the world after a successful caesarian-section delivery and it wasn’t until a month later that she received a picture of the babies from the Chinese couple, that it was discovered that the two didn’t look alike! The couple was very quick on having her acknowledge that the boys were indeed not the same, and asked her if she had a reason or explanation for it. In a statement to ABC News, Jessica acknowledged the fact that the skin tones of the two babies weren’t the same as would be in identical twins, and that “one was lighter than the other”. Obviously, as Jessica put it, you could see off the bat that they were not identical.

The real deal

DNA tests conducted helped further seal the fact that one of the babies was Jessica’s own biological son, whereas the other was truly the Chinese couple’s. Both parties were flabbergasted as this occurrence was not understandable and made little to no sense considering Jessica was not involved sexually with someone else while pregnant with the Chinese couple’s baby. So how did she conceive the second baby, you might ask? Well, the real culprit is superfetation!


Superfetation is a natural albeit rare phenomenon. Usually, once the mother-to-be has been fertilized, which means that the father’s sperm cell(s) have met and interacted on a cellular level with her ovules, no more ovules are created until after childbirth. In Jessica’s case however, ovules were continuing to be created despite fertilization. Since it is very rare, scientists and practitioners don’t have much to say about it due to a lack of research on the matter. Perhaps a reiteration of Jessica’s own words will suit the purpose  “We were like, how did this happen?”

Thankfully, all is well after the ordeal and following a lengthy and very pricey legal process, Jessica and her partner Jasper gained custody of ‘their’ son in February, who they named Malachi. Both the boys are healthy and Jessica says she wants to raise awareness of superfetation so adequate steps may be taken by interested mothers willing to ‘rent out their wombs’ before visiting the doctor for the process. We’ll let her finish. “Hopefully, a greater good will come out of this nightmare”.

So, ladies and gentlemen, this was the rare yet riveting story of the lady who got pregnant – while pregnant! We hope this leaves you informed on the matter and that you’ll pass it on to someone considering surrogacy or is currently expecting. What would your reaction be if you were in Jessica’s place? Let us know!

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