A Real Life Mermaid Found On The Beaches Of Hawaii And Egypt

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You’ve all seen or at the very least heard of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, or maybe you’re a fan of Daryl Hannah’s interpretation of a mermaid as Madison from the film Splash. But for the most part, we all know that they’re a myth and don’t exist anywhere but in the pages of a fiction novel, a children’s story, or a movie.

But then a real life mermaid was found on the beaches of Hawaii and Egypt back in 2014 and it made people start to question what’s real and what wasn’t.

Who doesn’t know what a mermaid is these days with all the exposure they’ve gotten?

It’s a creature with the head, arms and torso of a human, but the lower body of a fish. It sounds kind of funky, but not nearly as much as the fact that a real mermaid allegedly washed ashore on a beach.

But was she real or has this all been one giant hoax like those elaborate crop circles in random fields?

Allegedly, this is what the mermaid looked like when she was still alive and breathing, but severely injured. Some claim that she wound up dying from injuries she sustained while underwater.

In fact, various sides of the mermaid popped up in photos all over the internet.

Before long, these photos went viral, and people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. But it was pretty difficult to deny what everyone’s eyes were seeing.

There was even a photo of the lower portion, aka the fish part of her.

So yeah, it certainly seemed like a mermaid, and even in death, she looked absolutely beautiful, some might even say that she looked mythical.

As more and more angles kept popping up, it became difficult to debunk the story.

So it seemed that a creature everyone assumed was a myth had actually washed ashore, and the details of the body appeared to be highly detailed. But something was kind of fishy, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Apparently, the same dead mermaid has popped up around the world.

She has washed up in Hawaii, Egypt, and even Mexico! But how many times can the same mermaid die? Perhaps these mermaids were triplets, or maybe all mermaids look the same.

There’s even a photo of a man with the skeleton of a mermaid.

The way the pelvic bone and the fishtail connect seems a little too perfect to dispute. This might have been the most incredible archaeological find, possibly even bigger than finding the fossilized bones of a T-Rex.

It turns out that claims of the mermaid were found in even more places.

From Thailand, to the Canary Islands, and even in Bulgaria’s Vladaya River. So skeptics quickly started to dig a little deeper into this mystery.

It turns out that the mermaid corpse was a film star, or rather a Hollywood prop.

If you’ve seen the 2011 film “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” then you might recall the storyline about Blackbeard using the tears from a mermaid to prolong his life.

The dead mermaid bodies were created by a makeup effects artist named Joel Harlow.

Joel has provided make-up effects and prosthetics for both film and television productions, and someone simply got their hands on the prop and used them to create this elaborate hoax.

Some of the images were even given a Hollywood facelift to make things more convincing.

Any Photoshop expert will tell you that some of the images were enhanced, and in some cases, other fake mermaids were added to the original to make it look more convincing, and that includes the mermaid skeleton.

The circulating images, which were enhanced were part of a contest.

Artist Juan Cabana created both the mermaid sculpture and the skeleton image for a Worth 1000 Photoshop contest.

In mythology, there was a fertility goddess named Atargatis.

Her cult followers who spread to Greece and Rome associated her with lakes, water, and fish. So Atargatis was often depicted as a mermaid, and some would say that she may have been an early concept of the mythological creature.

According to the legend, her lower half wasn’t always fishy.

Apparently, when she dove into the lake, her lower half transformed into a fish and when she returned to dry land, her legs returned to normal. This is probably where the producers of the film “Splash” got their idea.

Atargatis may not have been the original mermaid in mythology after all.

The Babylonian God Oannes predated Atargatis, the Syrian mermaid by thousands of years. But unlike Atargatis, Oannes had a fish’s body and a human body, beneath his fish form. This allowed him to live in the sea and on dry land.Hannah

Some legends suggest that we all descended from mermaids and mermen.

The story suggests that instead of evolving from primates, a theory which scientists have already disproven, our fishtails dropped off at some point and we developed legs so we could walk on land.

Of course theories of evolution involving fish were often influenced by certain deities.

For example, the creator god Vatea, was often depicted as being half-human and half-fish. So it makes sense that someone would have come up with this theory that we were once a civilization of mermaids and mermen.

Aquamarine is a gemstone found in the sea, and it’s allegedly cherished by mermaids.

It became a rare commodity and everyone wanted to find one. It was believed to have come from the tears of mermaids and many claimed that it had the power to protect sailors at sea or when they fell overboard into the water.

Myths rarely have any truth to them despite what Galadriel said in the narrative of “Lord of the Rings.”

So without actual proof, many of these stories of washed up mermaid-like creatures have simply been dismissed as tourism lures and old wives’ tales.

You’d think that the mermaid that washed up on the shores of Kilauea Falls, Hawaii would have attracted authorities.

But to date, no official explanation of the mythical appearance was brought to light by Hawaiian authorities. Of course, some eyewitness claim that scientists and government officials were at the scene to remove the body.

Although the photographs have been debunked, you can clearly understand why people believed in them.

Up until these images showed up, people had only seen grainy photographs and unclear video footage of alleged sightings of these aquatic creatures. Then suddenly, there was seemingly undeniable proof.

The mermaid’s body had very distinguishable features from head to fins.

It certainly would have given the Marine Biologists at the University of Hawaii in Kaneohe a lot to talk about if this had been a real mermaid. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. So for now we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with the possible live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” sometime in the near future.

Could it have been a real mermaid and is it possible that the government tried covering up the truth? Or is it really a digitally enhanced image? Check out the video below and come up with your own conclusion.

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