9 Things You’re Tired Of Hearing If You Are a Spiritual Person

February 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The spiritual people often find themselves in very uncomfortable situations and conflicts because most of the people are not well informed, they judge too easy and are spiritually poor. However, some mistakes are hilarious and too much pathetic not to be mentioned.

In this article, we will share the most common things that spiritual people hear from the rest of the world. The ignorance in the 21st century is simply unbearable, and the people who really want to know’ the Truth’ and grow as a person often witness how ignorant and blind the rest of the world is.

If you are a spiritual person, these are the 9 things you are certainly tired of hearing:

“Astrology? Oh yeah, I’m a scorpion and my husband is an aquarium!”

Guess they mean Scorpio and Aquarius. However, they have no idea what the horoscope is, but they still want to show their ‘knowledge’ of astrology. Very pathetic and poor.

“You’re psychic? Can you read my mind? Can you hear my thoughts right now?!”

This hurts! First of all, psychic is a person defined as “someone who is sensitive to the vibrations around them, seen or unseen”. Psychics have nothing to do with such things. Human’s imagination is as big as the universe, but still, why don’t you read some book, check Wikipedia and then talk?

“Aren’t crystals just pretty, colorful rocks?”

No, they are not. Well, they really are pretty and colorful, but they are something way more than that. Crystals are perfect natural formations and they often are sources of energy. They can offer us guidance and an abundance of healing properties for the whole spirit, body, and mind. Crystals have been used for millenniums and they certainly have some special powers.

“Chakra? Like the singer, Chaka Khan? Is she coming back?!”

Well, this is supposed to be funny. If this is a joke, well… Someone has a bad sense of humor, but if someone really doesn’t know what chakra is- that explains how spiritually poor the modern humanity is (in general). Try this around as an experiment. Try to explain to people what chakras are and what is their function in our body and spirit.

“Meditation – isn’t that just sitting down crossed legged and being quiet? Sounds kind of boring…”

Well, you will never ever seek the divinity of meditation! The people who say such things are not only ignorant, but they are also trapped inside the matrix of fake values and dynamic life based on lies, materialism, and consumerism. Meditation is a tool for reaching spiritual enlightenment. If you meditate you will be not only a healthier but a happier person too.

“Mindful coloring? Ha, coloring is for children!”

The therapeutic coloring is proven to be very relaxing for your mind and helps you to find your inner peace. The science has already proved this, but some people just don’t bother with that. Anyway, don’t you ever let those people put you down- you always stick to your routines and practices and work on your spirituality.

“What’s that funky smell?”

Most probably it is sagging the air. It is some incense burning, but most of the people haven’t even heard about it. Sage is an ancient practicism that has a cleansing effect and it was performed before rituals. Sagging clears the air from negative energy and even bacterias. Shaman used it for centuries, so it is a useful knowledge that we should keep forever.

“Metatron? Is that a character from the new Transformers film?”

Metatron is the name of one of the archangels. Metatron means ” the angel of the Presence and works with Mother Mary to help children as well as Crustal and Indigo Children to keep their spiritual power awakened. Of course, most of the people heard about Transformers, but not bout Metatron.

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