8 Hairstyles That Are Damaging Your Hair Badly

February 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Women love their hair more than anything. Weak hair hurts more than heartbreak and wound. For women, their hair defines their beautiful personality and increases their confidence. Weak hair is not only caused by stress, tension, and weather but because of your certain hairstyles too. Your daily hairstyles can make your hair frizzy, dry and weak and sometimes it results in extreme hair loss and everyone know that regaining something after its lost is a hard task.

Sometimes Your hair‘s overall health is damaged by your tight ponytails and french braids.

1. High ponytails

High pony tails are one of the main cause of hair loss or weakening of hair because of pulling of the hair from the hair lines /temple region. This hairstyle also makes your hair frizzy and thin.

2. Long extensions

Women should be aware of the fact that using extensions can give you false volume but harms your hair too. Using long extension could result in permanent bald patches. Due to frequent rub and pull, extensions can pull out your good amount of hair resulting in a permanent bald patch.

3. Teased Poofs

Using those teasing combs for some volume and bounce only for few hours can result in permanent thinning of your hair. Teasing without being cautious can pull out your hair out of the scalp by the root.

4. Straight Strands

Usually, Women with natural curls use hair straightened /iron roads to get them straight can give you that straight hair look for some time but can cost you high later as the heat released from the hair straightened can weaken and burn your hair locks.

5. Tight braids

Tight braids are one of the famous causes of hair loss; we see most of the women keeping their hair open as they know that tight hair elastic can pull out hair direct out from the scalp by the root. Tight braids mainly result in follicle damage.

6. Wet hairstyles

Whenever you are in hurry or getting late for school ,college or meeting you tend to tie up your hair into bun ,pony tail or braid without letting it dry but you should know that wet hair leads to greater chances of hair breakage and fall as wet hair are comparatively weak than dry hair .

7. Braid near the hairlines

Hair braids near the hairlines give permanent effect on follicles. Keeping them for an extended period of time can mostly result in permanent baldness. There is a lot of pulling and hair breakage is involved and these kinds of hairstyles are pretty uncomfortable too.

8. Hairspray

There is a high usage of alcohol in hairspray which makes your hair dry and brittle; this can make you lose your hair forever. Using hairspray can speed up the process of losing hair as one must use these products as less as she can.

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