7 Things To Avoid If Your Man Has A Short Rocket

February 02, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

1. Don’t Make Fun Of Size

When you are in love with a guy, the size of your man is not very much important. The important thing is love between you two. It’s for the girls that they should never make fun of the size of their man if he has a short penis. It really hurts. 

2. Don’t Lie About Sensation

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the perfect penis size. Women have different choices and if your man has a short one, never lie about your sensation. If you are not satisfied but tell him the otherwise, it will embarrass him. 

3. Don’t Call IT Cute

Men are always conscious about their size and they expect their women to like them. However, when you have a man with a short penis don’t call it CUTE or something like this. It all hurts and there are better words that can be used as options. 

4. Don’t Crack Jokes

All men are not same; some acknowledge the fact when they have a short rocket while there are others who consider it a monster even if it’s 3-4 inches. So you may be sleeping with a man who has the short one. You should not be cracking jokes about it. It will create problems for your relationship. 

5. Never Gossip About It

Girls almost share everything with their female friends. There are very few things they keep in their hearts. And when it comes to sex experience, they openly discuss with each other. But the size of your man is not something to be talked about and that when it’s a short one. So never talk about it even with your best friends. 

6. Don’t Discuss Size In Arguments

We have seen many examples where girls have discussed the size of their men when they break up or get into arguments. It destroys the self-respect of your man. The guy is already ashamed of the size and you are humiliating him!

7. Never Cheat

Guys with the short penis are concerned about the size and they always try their relationship to work anyway. But if you cheat on him for his size, that will make him fell devastated.

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