7 Best Ways To Use A Mirror While Making Love

February 08, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

This is the perfect time to make mirrors and sex a synonym.”

Here we go again, exploring what’s best for sex. Nowadays, even the classic items can help you to bring the most out of your partner’s sexual experience. It may be some kind of a fetish but this is a very different thing. It really makes sense, like food for humans. Anyways, what I’m mentioning about is using mirrors. Yes, your best friend, you can even talk to yourself in front of it. But to make things more challenging, we can actually use it for increasing the level of our sexual excitement.

Weird? Nah-ah.

Don’t go away. Let me share you the ways where you can spice up your sex life using mirrors. Mark my words, and you’ll have the free pass to paradise. Buckle up!

1. Doggystyle

To take full advantage of your mirror, try turning sideways, so you see the length of your bodies rather than just staring at yourselves in the face! The curve of your back is really beautiful when you’re on all fours; you can really play up the vamp factor by arching even more.

2. Cowgirl

Keep the mirror is off to your sides, so you can both turn your head to catch a peep. Or, if you’re feeling really saucy, put the mirror near the head of the bed, so you can watch yourself grinding on your partner.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Make sure the mirror is near your partner’s toes, facing back towards both of your heads (so you’ll both be looking into the mirror). They should be sitting up enough to be able to watch in the mirror.

4. Standing

Position yourselves right in front of the mirror. Put your hands on the wall, on either side of the mirror, for support (don’t rest any of your weight on the mirror itself!).

5. Missionary

Keep it simple by placing the mirror to the side of the bed. This can be a great first-time mirror-sex position to try, since you can adjust the mirror so you only see little glimpses of your bodies.

On Your Knees

Have your partner stand with their side turned towards the mirror. Your side will also naturally be facing the mirror. This gives you both the best view.

7. Lying Doggy

Place the mirror so both of you are facing directly into it.

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