6 Ways in which love-making is different for men and women

February 07, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Men and women find sex very different and these are the 6 ways in which they perceive it differently.

When it comes to sex, men and women have very different ideas and thoughts about it. They have different opinions and different perceptions about it. They also have different ideas about what they expect and what they derive out of it. Sex, therefore, is not the same for the two genders and the following 6 differences bring out how unique it is to them (note: these do not apply to everyone).

#1 Context

Men do not need a particular context for sex. They do not need a story or a background to have sex. For them, sex is straightforward and pleasurable for the gratification they derive. Sex, for them, is more of a physical union than anything else and their minds are oriented to receive pleasure.

Women need context for sex. For them, sex has to mean something. It has to lead them somewhere and they are more interested in the psychological and the emotional aspect of sex rather than purely physical one. They seek emotional unity and are most comfortable with those they are emotionally compatible with.

#2 Priorities

Men have sex extremely high on their priority list. They can drop almost anything for a good time and most other things in their life can take a back-seat once sex comes into the picture. Also, they usually seek more variety in sex when compared to women.

Women, on the other hand, do not place sex that high on their priority list. While they do enjoy sex, it is usually not what keeps their minds occupied. The one thing that is extremely high on their priority list is security and if they feel secure with their partners, they are comfortable having sex with them.

#3 Stimulation

Men get sexually triggered by the physical stimulants. The smell, for example, of a woman could be a stronger trigger than her words. They are body-centered, to a large extent, and are more interested in the sights and the smells than the personality.

Women, on the other hand, are personality oriented. They do get triggered by touch but it is the kind of person that they are attracted to more. The words the guy uses, his attitude, and his general behavior are what draws her near than simply physical features.

#4 Sexual needs

Men look for appreciation in sex. The ‘male ego’ plays a large part when it comes to sex and the appreciation they receive is what drives them. They need to feel wanted and desired and the one thing that can really turn them off is being turned down emotionally.

Women are more emotionally charged and require emotional comfort in sex. A sense of security goes a long way for them and love matters the most to them. Further, they do need more time than men to feel sexually aroused.

#5 Sexual response

Men respond to sex unidirectionally, which means that once sex comes to their mind, everything else stops mattering. They are quicker to get excited when compared to women and they are usually the ones to initiate sex. Though a lot of men do not mind if the woman initiates it either.

Women may not be unidirectional in their approach towards sex. They are good at multi-tasking and even if they want sex, they can keep it at the back of their mind and follow different priorities. Women can also get easily distracted during the act of sex when compared to men who may fixate.

#6 The climax

Men climax quicker and in shorter bursts. Their satisfaction levels are highly attached to orgasms and they may feel deficient if they don’t climax. Having an orgasm and the intensity of it defines how attracted they are to their partners.

Women take longer to climax and they can climax more than men in a given period of time. They, however, do not derive satisfaction from their partners based on orgasm alone as their focus is more towards emotional oneness. Love in all its forms makes them happier than the burst of uplifting sensations.

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