6 Things Showing Men Are Biologically Planned To Look In For Women

February 12, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

It’s a quote that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and that is true for all men! The fact is all men are visual beings and when they see something good they go after it. There are some factors that span the entry range of a man’s senses. You may think you are having a casual drink with a guy and though the issue of kids may not have ever sprung up in your mind, when, without your knowledge, you are sending out signals of your age, health, and fertility that he is hard wired to look for in a woman.

Here we prepared a list of 5 amazing things showing men are biologically planned to look for in women.

1. The Booty

Studies in human behavior and human evolution show that men are biologically coded to be drawn to a 0.7 waist-to-hip ration in a female mate. Let me translate that: a 0.7 waist ratio means that the circumference of your waist is 70% of the circumference of your hips. If that is still hard to grasp, allow me to put it in the crudest way possible: men like women who have some junk in the trunk.

There’s just something about that ratio that really works for dudes. Women used to wear corsets mainly because it works pretty well for them. Furthermore, estrogen and other female hormones create wider hips that indicate the ability to safely give birth to a baby.

2. The Smiling

Certain men may have never attended a dentistry class but they know what to look for in a woman’s smile; the health of their teeth, their alignment, their color and of course how often they smile.

No one wants a grumpy, non-smiling person. Smiling shows friendliness, warmth, and sociability. Humans instinctively look at the mouth when they are talking to each other.

3. The Eyes

There’s usually something about eyes when it comes to men looking for a mate: their brightness, their size and the size of the pupils. Research shows that large eyes in proportion to the face are considered attractive on a woman. So you wouldn’t blame a man for falling in love with those doe-eyes.

Your eyes are also good indicators to a man if you are attracted to him. They will dilate if you like him, and if he notices, it can really give him the confidence to continue with the chit chat.

4. The Scent

For guys, scent says a lot about genetic makeup and health of a potential mate. Thanks to this ability, guys don’t have to ask a woman if they have any medical condition on the first date.

Numerous studies have been done where men and women were asked to take a whiff of a stranger’s shirt after being worn for the day and rate the perceived attractiveness of the smell and the person it belonged to. There was quite a high correlation between the rankings of the smell of the shirts and the person’s visual rating of attractiveness.

5. The Curves

It may not be exactly the size of a woman’s rear end that makes a man want to watch as she walks away. The curvature of the lumbar in the lower back can make a woman’s backside stick out at just the right angle to make the boys drool.

Research shows that this curvature combined with the 0.7 waist-to-hip ratios is considered an added advantage during pregnancy and when giving birth to a baby, I have to admit that anyone can do so much in changing their spinal curvature of the lower back. But it’s just fascinating that this can be an appoint of attraction for a guy even without knowing it.

6. Breast

Biological telling, that this human female breast obsession really pretty strange. Males are the only male mammals who fascinated by the breasts sexually.

Males are the only one creation who loves the female’s breasts and which he only cares, massage and orally stimulate the female breasts while sex.

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