6 Good Signs When You Don’t Remove Your Pubes

February 09, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Shaving your pubic hair is not new. The most common body areas depilated are the underarms, legs, pubic area, eyebrows, and face for females; and the face, abdomen, back, chest, groin, and legs for males. Some people prefer wax. But shaving is not actually gain a strong foothold until the 1980’s. So why people started to declare war on pubic hair? While there is a visual advantage to shaving, but it may not be the best thing for you to do.

Removing your Pubic Hair is your own choice. No one can make you feel that you have to remove them. They’re normal and they’re perfectly fine the way they are. In fact, there are a lot of great things about having pubes.

Here are 6 positive things about not removing your pubic hair.

1. Pubes Are There To Keep You Comfortable

Pubic hair has a purpose. It actually exists to act as a barrier to friction. This includes friction between your body and your clothes, and also during sex. Pubes make sure that your skin doesn’t get inflamed and rubbed.

2. Pubic Hair Protect You From Bacteria

You can have open cuts and wounds from shaving and other forms of hair removal, like waxing. Even when there aren’t cuts down there, they still act as a barrier to keep out unwanted bacteria. Pubic hair also protects from unwanted dust, debris, and dirt from getting in.

3. Pubes protects You From Itching Down There

When you shave, it’s all smooth and nice. But as soon as the hair starts growing in, it itches badly. It’s the worst thing you experienced after shaving. If you leave the hair alone, it definitely won’t itch as much.

4. Not Removing Pubes Will Save Your Money

Shaving is cheaper, but if you want to shave your pubes and not hurt yourself, you’re going to want to get a high-quality razor and shaving cream. Waxing is also not cheap. Not shaving or waxing means saving your money.

5. Removing Pubes Is Most Difficult Thing

Some people’s pubic hair goes till thigh and can extend back towards the butt. It is difficult to shave because the total area is not so easily seen and the super sensitive skin around your vagina is really easy to cut.

6. Pubes Are Natural, Not Gross

Pubic hair is perfectly natural and it’s there for a reason. Pubic hair wasn’t an evolutionary accident. These are here to help you have better sex and a healthier vagina. There’s no need to be ashamed, no matter how long it is.

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