26 Siblings People Dream of Having in Their Family

February 20, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

If you have a sibling, you’d probably know how things go around. One hardly misses a chance to prank or mock their siblings. People on the internet sometimes share their prank stories online. And we have compiled 26 of the best, most witty pranks posted online!

26. “My brother hates Nicolas Cage. I achieved a new prank level today: over 1,000 photos of this actor all over the house.”

25. “So my brother is on a road trip and this is the single picture he sends me.”

24. “I used to joke about how my brother dresses like a 5-year-old, and he always denied it. Yesterday he sent this.”

23. “My brother left me in his house for the weekend. I hope he’ll like my shrine to Terry Crews in his room.”

22. “So my brother gave my dog eyebrows.”

21. Younger sibling problems:

20. “My mom wanted me to take my younger brother with me.”

19. “My brother mailed me a potato for the second time”

18. “He almost dropped my newly born kid”

17. Someone stacked 52 chips on this toddler:

16. “I asked my brother to bring the dog with him. He sent me this when he was on his way”

15. Someone tied his younger brother when learning to drive:

14. Revenge is sweet:

13. “I replaced my sister’s photo with Putin’s. Nobody noticed yet.”

12. “I gave the first ever gift to my younger brother on Christmas”

11. “My sister threw her report in the bin. We knew exactly what to do.”

10. “Testing my PhotoShop skills on my sister’s school picture.”

9. “My sister and her boyfriend are heading up to our cabin tomorrow night, so I left them a present for when they turn on the lights.”

8. “So I send my sister a photo of a party I had when my parents were away. She sent me this back. It’s my dad.”

7. Sibling’s surprise birthday cake:

6. “My sister knows her hair grosses me out. She recently cut off her hair and I found this in the bathroom”

5. “My brother and I became uncles to twins this week. We knew exactly what to do.”

4. “How my daughter dresses up when she watches her brother to school bus”

3. “She said whatever.”

2. “My brother sent me a picture of him and his daughter”

1. Nothing changed:

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