15 Signs You Are A Pro In Bed

February 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Everybody in the world would like to say that their a master in the bedroom, freak in the sheets, or a professional pleaser but, unfortunately, we all can’t be. We’re ego-driven beings so we tend to believe that our skill set in the lovemaking department is undefeated, which simply isn’t true. What one person might like, the next person might not be into and a lot of us aren’t as attentive to our partners as we’d like to believe. Which is why we here at CultureHook have compiled a list of signs that you might be a pro in bed. Without further ado, check them out for yourself.

You Know Your Bases

If you’ve mastered the ability to establish comfort, safety, and seductive ques, you’ve stimulated all of the nonsexual erogenous zones, you take your time, everything flows naturally, you might be ideal in knowing your bases and measuring the right amount passion you need in order to drive your partner wild.

Your Friends Come To You For Advice

If your friends have decided to come to you whether individually or collectively to figure out how/why your significant other drools over you all the time and it’s because of your bedroom magic, you definitely might be a little more knowledgeable about lovemaking than they are.

The Mournful Ex

If your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or significant other can’t help but reach out to you every couple of months with mournful phone calls and random sexts, they probably are missing the physical aspects of you and haven’t found someone to match your intensity in the bedroom. These calls are annoying and definitely inappropriate.

‘I Love You’

If you’ve been in the heat of the moment and you’ve heard your partner whisper, say, or yell ‘I love you’ and they’ve never said it before, whatever you’re doing to them has possessed them to profess their probably lust-driven love for you which means you could be a pro in the sack.

You’re Late

Before anyone jumps to conclusions here, no ladies, we’re not talking about that time of the month but, rather the fact that if your significant other or partner can’t get enough of you and makes you late to your obligations, work, class, scheduled appointments and other things of that nature.

‘The Best Ever’

If you’ve heard your sexual partners express that you were the best they’ve ever had or that you provided them with one of their greatest sexual experiences ever from a multitude of people. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re a pro.

The Invites

Let’s say you’re chilling enjoying a quiet Friday evening at home and you have no desire or plans to go out but, all of sudden your phone begins to blow up with booty call invites from multiple people. You probably have the juice to admit that you’re good in bed.


A lot of dudes out there think that if they go to their ‘go-to move’ that they’ll be able to drive their partner’s wild but, that’s bullsh*t, if you don’t have multiple moves in your repertoire and aren’t multifaceted in the bedroom you’re most likely not a pro in bed. Master as many techniques as you can in order to achieve pro status.

You Enjoy The Process

Just because you might have a few techniques and some experience under your belt doesn’t mean that you’re a good lover or a master in the sack. Emotional connection is a necessity when it comes to making love as well. No one wants to have sex with someone who treats the process like a job or an obligation. You have to enjoy the process.

You Have A Lot Of Spontaneous Sessions

Spontaneous sex is always dope but, if it’s become almost imminent in your life, you probably know what you are doing and your significant other or partners can’t wait to get more of you. Also, if you initiate the spontaneous sessions and rarely get turned down from some lovin’ you probably know what you’re doing.

Your Partner Tries Hard

You might have everything down and going right on your end of things but if your partner is putting the extra work in on their end, attempting to keep up, and match your intensity, it’s because they want to please you and attempt to get close to your level of expertise.

You’re Appreciated

After you’re done laying it down and your significant other or partner lies there all googly-eyed and expressive of how much they appreciate you might want to go ahead and label yourself a pro in between the sheets especially if they had no faith in your abilities before things got hot and heavy.

You’re A Natural Flirt

A lot of people out there aren’t that personable or confident but, if you know what you’re capable of in the bedroom you tend to come off as more flirty than the average person. Even when you’re not trying, people that are dope in the sack give off this vibe and aura that draws others in.

The Rumors

In middle school and high school, rumors of any type of sexual activity were definitely going to happen but, as you grow older and gain experience rumors of your sexual activity happen for one of two reasons. You’re either terrible in bed or a pro in the sack and you’ll definitely know the difference when the rumor mill is headed your way.

You Communicate

Last but not least, we have the final sign that you might be a pro in bed and it might be the most important sign of all… Your communication skills. You have to communicate if you want anything in your life to go smoothly, including when it comes to your sex life. Find out what your partner likes and needs are and capitalize off of them. With that being said, are you a pro in the bedroom? Let us know in the comment section.

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