15 Signs She Is the One and 5 Signs She Is Not

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Its an exhausting day at work and your boss is grilling you down. Your head hurts, and you feel low. Your phone beeps. It’s her. You swipe right. There is a photo of her in your jacket. It engulfs her stooping low till her knees. She is holding a steaming mug of coffee. You smile. Just her glimpse makes you weak at knees. How does she know you are having a dreadful day?

She has this amazing power to make it all right. She has this magic to create happiness. You think of her laughs. The way she cleans that dripping ketchup from the side of your lips. She hates Sci-Fi but she still binged Star Wars for you. You think about that pretty diamond ring you saw the other day at Tiffany.

“But?” Your mind says. “Is she the one? What if you are rushing?” Don’t worry. We have it all figured out. Here are 10 signs she is your soulmate if she is a keeper if she is the one. Tick your rights and wrongs.

15. She nurses you back to health.

You come home with a sore throat and high-grade fever. You feel cold and tired. All you want is your bed and your mum’s secret soup to make it all right. You are laying on the sofa when she comes to you with a bowl of hot soup, a glass of water, and some medicines. You notice that she is still wearing her office attire. She woke up in the middle of the night to check up on you and covered you with a blanket. She is the one.

14. It’s okay sweetie. It happens

You come home to find her sleeping at the dinner table. She is all dressed up, that’s when you realized today was movie night. You try to be quiet as possible, so she not wakes up or else, but the clings of your keys have woken her up. She gives a weak smile and goes to the fridge. You are still scared and not saying a word. She microwaves the bowl of mac and cheese and gives it to you while pouring a glass of milk. “It’s okay honey. I forgive you!” She ties her hair in a bun and goes to the restroom. She is a keeper

13. Just one last drink babe

You come home to an empty apartment. She is nowhere to be found. You call her cell phone and she answers in a drunk voice saying she will come back at 12, loud music playing in the background. It’s one o’ clock and her still not home suddenly you get a call from an unknown number. It’s her and she wants you to bail her out of the jail for having a fight in the bar. Sleep, my friend. Sleep is more important than her.

12. I had a wonderful night

You find the room filled with scented candles A box is on the bed. You open it and you find a paper in it “Find me”. You smile. That was her last surprise of the day. She looks pretty on her skin. You love her for her freckles and the heart-shaped mole on the nape of her neck. She is good in bed and that’s what really matters. *wink*

11. Take your time

It’s a call from your home. Your father just had a heart attack, he is no more. Though you are not close to your father, you curl up on the floor tears start dropping from your eyes. She comes up with a mug of hot chocolate and rubs your back. She kisses you on the cheek and says, “I am right here.” She closes the door behind her. She respects your space and your feelings. She knows when to hug you and when to give you space.

10. He is just my friend

It’s a barbeque at her parent’s house. You stand at the corner the corner holding a beer can because you don’t know anybody while she is roaming around meeting old pals and high school exes. Its okay to have friends but can you see that intimacy between them. It’s a sincere advice my friend keep a check on the exes. Loyalty is the most important part of a relationship and it goes mutual ways.

9. We all have something to be ashamed of

The midnight conversations are always true. You feel heavy in the heart and you blabber all the things that hurt you. She smiles and listens occasionally patting your hand and your cheek. 

8. I am here

She is warning you about the new guy, but you think he is a good one and you think she is paranoid. You gave him half of your salary to invest in the shares yesterday and today the market goes down. You are devastated. You were saving it for the house loan. You come home with stooped shoulders. She knows something is wrong. You tell her you are sorry and didn’t believe her. She gives that crooked smile and said, “I told you”. She brings out a brown envelops and hands it to you. She saved the money. You never invested but how? You give her quizzical look. “It’s magic,” she says. She genuinely protects you with all her heart.

7. That is an awful haircut.

“Go get that shirt changed. Its awful” she said before the dinner at her parents. You don’t want to change it because it was a gift from your mother. She keeps nagging you about your habits and lets you how to eat and when to eat. She is being your warden, not your girlfriend.

6. Hey gorgeous

You wake up to see that she is still sleeping. She is in deep slumber taking shallow breaths. “How can someone look so pretty always,” You think. You caress her cheekbone and stroke her hair gently. She wakes up in the most beautiful way ever. “Good morning,” she says, and you go weak at knees. She is so pretty. Always

5. Meet my best friend

She has been your best friend since sixth grade. She knows you like two spoons of sugar in your

Cap’n Crunch. She knows you hate drinking on weekdays. She knows your family well and loves to hang out with your friends. Even when you are alone with her, you are never bored or quiet. She is someone you like to spend your whole life with.

4. Text me in 2 minutes.

It’s your night out with boys. You have tickets for the Lakers vs. Cavaliers. You meet the boys at the Maddison Square Garden and the game has started. Its halftime and it’s your turn to get the hotdogs. Whom do you see at the hotdog stand? That is her. She can’t leave you for a night. This is going to get worse.

3. Man! You have gotten a keeper.

It’s an office party and you take her with you. She is an instant hit with your friends and she impresses your boss with her ideas on politics and business. She mingles with everyone even Greta the secretary. She calls your team for a dinner next weekend. Your best friend gives you thumbs up behind her back.

2. You are a geek

She hates your star war collection. She even boxed up your action figures and stored them in the attic. She laughs at you when you go repeat the dialogues of harry potter movies and she gets angry when you dress up like a Jedi at the Halloween party. She wants to change you and doesn’t respect your

1. Where is my shoe?

She is messy. She never cleans up after eating. The pizza is still at the kitchen counter and there are dirty dishes in the sink. You roll up your sleeves no do the dishes this time but it’s a warning sign that this might never change.

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