12 reasons why your bedroom could be ruining your sex life

February 13, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Love making is an extremely sensitive thing. Sometimes even the smallest of things can take your sex life from banging awesome to none at all! Obviously, the bedroom has a huge role to play in the way your night pans out so you must be careful about the things you place in your sanctum of pleasure.

They say setting the mood is an important part of the process and them, whoever they are, aren’t far from the truth. The bedroom’s atmosphere and vibe has so much to do with how steamy your relationship is and there are chances that these are things you haven’t noticed before.

1. Mess

This includes your messy bedside drawers are well. Your bedroom is the last place you rest your head on at the end of a long day and rewind. If it is full of unfolded clothes and clutter from a week ago, there are high chances you will not want to even lay in it and get a good sleep, let alone have sex. It is also believed that a messy environment causes a spike in cortisol, which leads to anxiety. Clean the mess. Stock the bedside furniture with things like mints, lubricants, and toys, rather than ransom receipts and lists.

2. Decor

According to sexologist and We-Vibe ambassador Jessica O’Reilly, neutral decor can be a buzzkill. “Whether you opt for a throw pillow, a lightbulb, or lingerie draped over the bedpost, a pop of red has the potential to help reignite the spark. The color red is not only associated with love, passion, and sex, but research suggests that it enhances attraction regardless of gender,” she told My Domaine.

Red is said to be the best of colors for the bedroom as it can boost your sexual drive by helping your heart pump more blood into the brain. Red is known to also increase your emotional response to something.

3. Interference

If your bedroom doesn’t have enough privacy and has a risk of your kids just walking in on you anytime, it is not the most conducive atmosphere to get hot and nasty. Even if you don’t have kids, but live in a neighborhood with too much noise, it becomes next to impossible to focus on what or who is in front of you. Invest in a white noise machine. It will block out every noise that will intrude on your privacy so that you can lock the door and let your hormones take over. You can add some really cool music to the playlist and enjoy the night.

4. Technology overdose

No one likes a buzzing phone in the midst of the bedroom. No one. As much as this has become a norm of this century, turn off your phone when you get to bed. Imagine you are in the midst of a heated session and the call from your boss makes things drop down. It is advised that you keep the devices out of your bedroom completely, even laptops, but if you must bring them, finish up quickly and turn it off — invest your time in the person in front of you.

5. Your kid’s photos

Visuals of kids, grandparents, parents, and friends don’t really spell erotic and high libido, do they? Keep them outside the bedroom, your loved ones do deserve a spot in your home but the bedroom may not be the best place. If you have a holiday or vacation where you had a fight that you still remember or you have a sibling that you had fallen out with years ago, maybe keep their memories away from this space. It will only lead to distractions.

6. Funky smells

The scent is a huge part of your libido. Keep the dirty laundry away from this space and the dirty shoes out from under the bed. Let the room air during the day and keep some aroma boosting sprays or fragrance packets in the room. Try lavender for calming and soothing, peppermint for refreshing and rose for a heady floral scent.

7. TV in the bedroom

The television is called the idiot box for a reason. If you put one in your bedroom then perhaps you are the idiot. Spend the time that you would do watching television talking to each other. Ask your partner how their day went or if they would like to speak to you about something. If you pick TV over the person sleeping next to you, your love life will definitely wave you goodbye.

8. Pets

Nobody likes a cat hopping onto their back when they are in the middle of the act. Keep your pets out of the bedroom, if it is just not possible, keep them away from the bed, at least. Not to mention the fur getting everywhere on the bed, that leaves you two covered in animal hair.

9. Going to bed with a face mask

This one is not just for women. Even a strong smelling shaving lotion can be a turn-off. As for women, avoid putting on a face mask as you are going to bed, or a treatment cream that makes you look like you a ghost or some stinky hair oil that smells like rotten eggs. It is not fair to your partner at all!

10. Eating in bed

Bread or cookie crumbs, the smell of stale food and the poking sensations are enough reasons to totally destroy your sexual drive. Not to mention the bugs it has the potential to bring. Better avoid it than be sorry right? Eating in bed, as a once in a while thing is great, even romantic, like serving up a breakfast in bed for your partner but remember to clean up later.

11. Smoking

Smoking in the bedroom is just uncool. Libido aside, it is so harmful to you and the person in the room with you. Who wants to make love in a room full of toxic air that stays and just lingers on clothes all the time?

12. Uncomfortable bed

Get a comfy bed. What is the bedroom without that amazing piece of furniture? Pretty useless. Invest in a sturdy, nice big bed. If you want to go that extra mile get yourself a therapeutic mattress. Keep them nice and fresh with some linen spray. Use some soft cotton sheets or you could get a fur throw – it’ll not only be sensual for the lovemaking sesh, it will also be amazing to throw on later and sleep like a baby enveloped in a bear hug.

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