12 foods you should eat daily for clean and unclogged arteries

February 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Chances are, you know someone if not multiple people who have suffered from heart disease. In fact, cardiovascular disease accounts for 1 of 3 deaths in the United States, making it an efficient killer, one you need to protect yourself from. However, reducing your risk factors isn’t hard if you know what to look out for while adjusting your diet.

Heart Disease: A Silent Serial Killer

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 17.3m deaths a year, and 787,000 deaths in the US. This is more deaths than all forms of cancer. You need to educate yourself on the main causes of heart disease and how to identify potential heart problems to protect against possible heart attacks, angina, strokes, and heart failure.

Main causes of heart disease:

High salt intake


Sedentary lifestyle
Processed junk food and fast food

These things damage the circulatory system and lead to narrowed, blocked, and stiffened blood vessels. Damaging your body in this way, makes blood flow difficult and forces your heart to do extra work. Some symptoms of heart disease and clogged arteries include:

Chest pain
Neck pain
Jaw pain
Throat pain
Numbness in legs and arms
Shortness of breath

Identifying these problems early and reacting with a healthy diet will make sure you aren’t making a cameo in one of those death-rate heart disease statistics. Avoiding certain foods and a damaging lifestyle can help you avoid clogged arteries or atherosclerosis, one of the huge contributors to heart disease.

Clogged Arteries: An Accomplice to Life-Threatening Heart Disease

Clogged arteries is a major obstacle for blood flow and your pumping heart. Like when you step on a hose, the water pump struggles to get water to your garden. The heart has a similar problem when plaque builds up in your arteries; blood struggles to flow to your cells, your brain, and throughout the body, putting stress on your blood pump (the heart) to push blood through your “stepped on” blood vessels.

Buildup of Plaque

One of the main causes for atherosclerosis is plaque build up, which is the result of too much damage to your circulatory system because of poor diet, stress, and smoking. When your arteries are damaged, plaque made up of cholesterol, minerals, and fat reside in the damaged area and build up. It is important to note that the buildup of cholesterol (plaque) is a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle and poor dietary choices, not a cause of heart disease.

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