10 Things Women Love But Are Too Afraid To Ask From You

February 09, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Let’s face it, and women love to overthink and be dramatic about it. This is something that women consider natural, and there are many things that they love but are afraid to reveal them to someone else. The most obvious reason behind this is that they do not want to hurt the feelings of their partner. So it’s the responsibility of their significant other to read the signs and try their best to fulfil the desires of the women they are in a relationship with. Below are some of the things that women love but are too shy to ask you.


Majority of women are into the blindfold now because of the kinky scenes in 50 shades of grey movie. Your girl might be too shy to tell this to you, but if you bring the topic of a blindfold game up, it is certain that she will reveal her thoughts to you regarding the subject.

2.Perky restrictions

Being limited, specifically, bondage tends to excite women. The level of excitement in a woman depends on how much she trusts you.

3.Take captivating photos

Women love it when you snap their photos while they are not aware because this gesture makes them feel attractive. Telling a woman that she is photogenic is also something she would appreciate.

4.Make an erotic video

Women like to catch sensuous and erotic moments on video which they love to replay and rewind in their alone time. This adds spice to the relationship.


Women get extremely turned on by seducing games that involve role playing and dress up.Women are too afraid to ask for this that they do fantasize about this.

6.Vulgar talk

A woman might not say this to you, but if you bring this up during lovemaking, she will love it because sometimes women love to get a little dirty.

7.Three is company

It’s not necessary for someone to be bisexual to to enjoy a threesome. A woman can be into a sensual threesome when she is in the mood. Just remember, three is a company.

8.Watching porn together

Men are mostly into watching porn when they are single, but they might be watching it even when they are in a relationship. However, women like watching porn as well. Find out if your girl is into that and try watching it together.

9.Changing places

Diversity is everything when it comes to sex and changing paces where you make love can spice things up to a whole new level. Then whether you are doing it on a couch or the kitchen table, your girl will love the change in environment.

10.Random grabbing

A woman loves it when her guy grabs her from behind while she is busy doing chores. This is because women love excitement and touching her when she least expects it will put her in the mood.

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