10 Things Men Find Annoying In Women

February 08, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

When it comes to a relationship, both men, and women don’t like certain things about each other. Men are sometimes idiotic and don’t realize what makes their women hate them. And women are no exception to it. They also do a lot of things their men find offensive and annoying. Women have some tendencies that can truly start to irritate a guy and it’s totally things we can control but for some reason, we just let our crazy fly high when we are around our significant others.

1. When Women Ask How They Look

It annoys a man when her woman asks how she looks in an outfit. Guys usually appreciate their women but they also know no matter what, they are going to get scolded by their women for their answers. And scolding is inevitable when a man passes a generic comment.

2. Gossiping About Meaningless Things

When women gossip about their friends, their relationships, their parties and how she enjoys with them- this makes men angry. How can you expect your man to maintain his interest in the relationship when your conversation is so frustrating for him? He just cares about your problems and has no interest at all what problems your friends are going through.

3. Comparing to an “Ex”

This is something every man finds really unattractive about a woman when she compares him to her ex. Men don’t like it and they just care about the present moment. So ladies don’t irritate your men anymore by talking about your ex.

4. When Nothing is Wrong

It happens many a time in the relationship that women stomp around the house giving a silent treatment. When the man asks if something is wrong and she says everything is fine which is a huge fat lie. Guys hate when women do this because they know they are the gig to pay for it later.

5. Over-Sharing

Men know that women have a very close relationship with their girlfriends. That being said a guy finds it very annoying when their girl shares every intimate detail about their sexual life with their girlfriends.

6. Money Matters

When a woman is constantly putting pressure on her guy to save money for their future or be more proactive with his career so that he can earn more money. But when a guy does actually start to put his career first, his girlfriend complains about not being his priority.

7. Obsessing Over Appearance

Women can’t help but feel intense constant pressure to fit into a beauty ideal. But When a woman’s boyfriend tells her that he likes her how she is and she shouldn’t worry, she should be more accepting of that. A guy doesn’t want to hear over and over again how his girl feels ugly or fat, it gets really annoying after a while and he won’t want to hear it.

8. Constant Attention

Some women are a bit insecure in their relationship and require constant attention to feel validated that their partner still cares for them. Most men are fine this attention but they get annoyed when this happens too often.

9. Hook Line and Sinker

A guy finds it really annoying when a woman just won’t come out and say what she is thinking, instead she baits her boyfriend and tries to draw information out of him so that she feels justified in being mad at him. This is really frustrating for a guy because he doesn’t even know he is being set up.

10. Sloppy Drunks

While it can be cute that a guys girlfriend gets tipsy after only a glass of wine. If she doesn’t know when to stop or how to continue to handle her liquor it can become totally irritating for a guy to always have to take care of his sloppy drunk girl. When a girl doesn’t know her limit it always puts pressure on the guy to be in control.

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