10 Things Guys Think About Showering With You

February 12, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Showering together with your partner is a fantastic idea. Getting a little wet and some wild fun makes showering together, worth it. We have seen it in movies where they depict it to be very passionate, which conveys that if you are not showering together, you’re missing something. Though shower $3x is overrated and glamorized, in reality, it has a different story.

Showering together with the water being magical and taking turns in lathering each other is always fun, but logistically, it’s like going into a phone booth with your partner and taking off all your clothes: It’s just not practical.

1. So you mean I get to shower and look at my partner n@ked?

Showering alone is boring, but showering with my n@ked girlfriend is going to make this go by, a lot faster. Unless we have $3x. For that we will be taking an extra minute … or an extra minute and 30 seconds, if you understand what I mean.

2. Saving Time

Yes, I understand in a situation like this, the reason we are showering together because we’re late and this absolutely makes sense from a time-saving viewpoint. No, I do not need to sign a legal contract beforehand stating that I will not have $3x with you.

3. Shampooing means no $3x

Oh! you’re already massaging your scalp with what looks to be an entire shampoo bottle. I guess that indicates a no on the $3x front unless you’re really into getting blinded, by all the lather and foam during inter@ourse.

4. Why do you have nine different shampoos?

And why do they all come in bottles that look like they were designed for fairy folks? They are so tiny. How are these not considered travel-size?

5. Why are you scraping off the top layer of your skin?

What is that? Are you using a rock on your body? I just … can I just get to my bar of soap?

6. No, I’m not trying to instigate anything right now.

I’m not trying to rub against you, it’s just that we’re in a tiny shower.

7. I just need to kind of squeeze over here…

Oh, dammit. Now I’m pressed up against the cold tile and it’s like I’m rubbing myself against a giant fish.

8. A great help!

Oh, wait. I just realized I have someone to wash that weird spot I can’t get to. She can totally wash my back, and I can finally feel like I’ve cleaned my whole body without having to dislocate my shoulder.

9. She lather’s forever

How does she even get that much lather on her body? This is incredible.

10. I’m freezing

When is it going to be my turn to hop in the shower?

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