10 Reasons Why Bigger Women Make For Better Lovers

February 14, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Well, the general stereotype in the society today is that men are more attracted and more willing to be with women who are very slim up to the point of being thin. And because of this most plus size women or women who have a bit of a thick thigh and curvy bodies are not only looked down upon, they are also ridiculed and made to feel unhealthy and unattractive. Well, I am here to break the stereotype by telling you that from studies that have been done recently men are more attracted to women who have a bit of flesh to them. If you doubt me, a case in point would be some of our favorite or not favorite celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Jlo. Now, what do they have in common? They are thick and not only do there man want them,several men all over the world are entranced with their bodies post up if that is not enough to convince you read through this article to see 10 reasons why men would really prefer to date one of the bigger women than the stick thin ones.


Bigger girl, bigger personality. If you have not heard that before or you do not know that bigger sized girls do have a somewhat bigger personality. It kind of goes along with their body size. Now, this does not mean that a slimmer girl may not have a big personality; no; but most bigger sized girls have bigger personalities. So if you are a man who is dating a bigger sized girl and keeping her happy, then it goes a long way to show that you have a hell of a self-confidence and you can handle yourself. Its practically a testament of your strength that you are happily dating a bigger sized girl. 


Are you a man who is big on cuddling? Do you like to have something to hold onto? If you do, a thick girl is the one for you. Cuddling was meant to be done with a bigger sized girl because she has curves and a soft body to hold onto. Cuddling a thin girl is much like hugging a slab of wood. There really isn’t enough warmth in that and why cuddle if you won’t feel warm? The main reason people cuddle is because the warmth of the other person’s body makes us feel good and safe and a bigger sized girl has the body for it.


If you haven’t had intimacy with a bigger girl, then you are definitely missing out. I can guarantee you that is the best intimacy you would ever have or have ever hard. Bigger sized girls do not only have a lot of curvy flesh to hold on to while you are doing the dirty deed, but they are also a lot more sensual and responsive. Besides that, they are very hot and sexy with big breasts and wide waists that are a pleasure to hold onto during intimacy. And the majority of the men who were consulted did prove this point as most of them said that they would prefer having intimacy with a woman who has curves to hold onto. No man wants to feel like he is having relations with a stiff board and that is what most thin women feel like.Another point in favor of bigger sized girls is that they are very adventurous in bed and are a lot more willing to venture into new kinks than the slimmer girls and what man does not like a curious woman in his bed?


If you are the type of man that lives for his workout, a bigger sized woman would definitely be a good match for you because she is willing to work out with you and not grumble all the way through it all. She won’t be nagging you about your need to work out but would be amenable to escorting you and the best part? The best part is that she would also be cool with getting food afterward. What more do you want? 


The only thing bigger than a bigger sized woman is her personality. Most bigger sized girls have huge personalities that go along with their size. They are often very good conversationalists and often have really awesome senses of humor. You would enjoy being in the presence of a bigger sized woman. If you are one who values great conversations and laughter, you can’t go wrong with a bigger sized woman.


It goes along with their large sense of humor. No one who constantly smiles and causes other people to laugh takes life too seriously and it’s a good thing because she would be there to help relieve you of your stress without adding more to it. There is nothing better than coming home to a chill bigger sized woman who is just there to make you laugh and forget about your stressful day. They just accept life the way it goes without trying to fight against the current and that just generally makes them good partners especially in conflict because they can keep a level head even when everything and everybody is going to shit. Because of their attitude towards life, they are generally happy with life much more than other people.


I think that their inability or unwillingness to attack other women or judge other people for their choices comes from the fact that they themselves have been judged, weighted and found wanting many times in their lives. So they have come to develop a much better view of life which makes them display a certain level of intelligence that most slimmer women don’t have. They are adept at looking beyond the physical to the heart. If a bigger girl likes someone, it isn’t because of how that person looks, what they have or don’t have, or what they can give them. It is because they have looked into the heart and character of that person and found the person to be inherently good. In addition to that, she does not judge her man or compare him. If she loves you, she loves you. No other man is going to change her mind with material things,she knows what she wants, and it’s not material items, she wants the heart of a good man. 


Yea, bigger women are wonderful listeners. They want you to talk to them about your problems and to confide in them about your problems. The good part about this is that because of their deeper view of life; they usually do have very good pieces of advice for you that would shock you when they actually solve your problems. Being with a larger sized woman has too many advantages.


A lot of this inner strength of character and mind is born out of the fact that they have had to live in a society that ridicules them in every way and so they learned at an early age to build calluses in their minds and to see beyond the physical and the shallow. They have had to fight their battles for themselves and so are quite good at deflecting their own problems. Most of them really do not need a knight in shining armor. They are their own knights and can easily take care of their problems. Bigger sized girls are tough. They can find their way out of any tight corners. In other words, they are street smart, and you can never go wrong with that. 


Curvy women love their food, and they eat their food. They are not going to starve themselves to make someone else feel better. No, if you want to eat at Burger King, they would be up for it. No salads for these queens. They know good food, and they eat good food. The best part, you don’t have to feel guilty eating whatever you like because they are eating celery sticks. If you want pasta, they are down for pasta, and they never skip dessert. Know what that means? It means that you get to have dessert too.

In my opinion, bigger sized girls are the bomb and men are beginning to notice that and go for them. So forget the stereotype if you are a bigger sized girl and look forward to the men coming your way. Big size is the new slim and men are all over that. If you have been torturing yourself by eating next to nothing just to look like a bag of bones, let yourself relax. Eat healthy food and just look okay and healthy. Men have changed their preferences, and it’s time you knew that.

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