Zodiac signs Hardest to Fall in Love With

January 17, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Sometimes you meet a person who is very easy to get along with and you just want to be around them more. It is as though you share an instant connection with them. Other times it takes a while before you realize that the other person might make a better partner in a relationship. This disparity may be explained by the attributes a person possesses due to the month and day they were born in. We also need to factor in your own zodiac sign and how well it sits with the other person’s sign.

Following is the list of zodiac signs starting from hardest to fall in love and followed by the easiest to be romantic with.

1. Aquarius

You like to be confident and assertive in your dealings with others but the problem is that often times you may come off as arrogant. This really puts others off and they may not approach you romantically. There should be a distinction between arrogance and confidence and you usually don’t bother to separate the two.

2. Capricorn

You are naturally very detached and protective about how you deal with others. It is no surprise that the others may find your attitude as cold and uninviting. It is not that you are doing that on purpose rather you just don’t let your guard down that easy with everyone and are selective in your relationships.

3. Scorpio

The fact that you are the most passionate of the zodiac and yet you are so higher in this list of hard to fall in love maybe explained by your overwhelming attention for love all the time. You might go overboard with your passions when angry or happy and this might scare away your potential partner.

4. Libra

As a Libra it is no wonder you might run into a few roadblocks in finding that perfect romantic relationships. The blame more often than not lies with you as often times you just try too hard and the relationship starts to look like an artificial one.

5. Virgo

It is often hard to get along with someone who is too particular about everything and anything. It is good to be a perfectionist but at the same time you have to accept the other person with their baggage and accommodate their weaknesses in order for a relationship to thrive.

6. Taurus

The problem is you are very stubborn in your outlook on life and you want others to share your opinion with them. It is particularly not an attractive attribute to keep your feelings to yourself and not expressing them to your potential partner.

7. Gemini

There will be attraction between you and your potential partner and given your eloquence of speech and the way you can be charming there will be no issues as far as falling in love is concerned.

8. Sagittarius

They have a very care-free attitude towards life and always looking for good times. Their spontaneity draws people towards them and it is easier to love them as they are normally very expressive of their feelings.

9. Aries

They are always looking for spending a good time with their significant other as they want that stability in their relationship which makes two people stay together. They have a great sense of humor and the time will really seem to fly while you are in their company.

10. Leo

Although they may have a constant need to be pampered and loved but they are also capable of giving out a lot of affection and adoration. If you could return that love you are in for a wild ride.

11. Pisces

They will try to connect with you on a deeper and emotional level and you will instantly know they are sensitive especially about the subject of love. They are very easy to get along with and accommodating of other’s opinion which makes them so easy to fall in love with.

12. Cancer

We all know their devout love and the commitment they bring to a relationship. It is not surprising to find them as the most lovable zodiac sign around. What initially may be misunderstood as a hard exterior is actually housing emotions and feelings full of love.

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