Why You're Still Single Based on Your Zodiac Sign

January 31, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

It’s a struggle to find love, and you may be holding yourself back in ways you don’t realize. Here is why you may still be single.


Because you are a go-getter, you might be confused or, more likely, seriously pissed off that you have not been able to find your match. Your aggressive spirit may be too much for some, so you will need to make efforts to meet people that can keep up with you. Focus on meeting people through mutual interests like competitive games, or debating. But keep in mind that finding love isn’t about winning.


You consider minor details that no one else would notice, and although this is a responsible quality to have, it is holding back your love life. You have to learn how to accept that other people don’t live their lives the same way that you do. You may end up finding that you enjoy getting out of your head and into overindulgent or impulsive activities. After all, love is not something you can plan.


You can talk for hours, and although your friends and family appreciate how witty and interesting you are, love hasn’t found you because you need to perfect the skill of listening. As you practice taking a backseat in conversations, you’ll learn more about people than you ever would have anticipated. In doing so, you will naturally find people who analyze life similarly to the way you do.


What matters most to you is your friends and family, which can make meeting new people a challenge. Your love for those close to you is admirable, but it is a recipe for isolation. Ask a trusted friend if they know anyone that would be compatible with you, or plan a party with the special request for each guest to bring one extra friend. Although it will still be a challenge, you will be comforted to know that your friends, whom you trust, would never introduce you to someone they knew you wouldn’t like.


You are a natural leader – courageous and protective, but at times aggressive and arrogant. Your dominant personality makes you a loyal and passionate partner to have, but it also makes you one that can easily fall into self-importance. It’s great to be confident, but Leos must remember that they are not always the stars of the show.


It’s not uncommon to find you organizing your books by color, genre or author. Nor is it uncommon to see you get bogged down by details, and eventually become paralyzed by them. Like your need for tidiness, your standards for people are rigid, and at times downright unattainable. A serious relax-cation is in order, and so is some self-awareness.


You have a lot of friends, and you love love, so why don’t you have it already? Don’t fret fair Libra, love will come, but you need to ground yourself first. Although it is frustrating to be single, there’s no need to be so dramatic. The best advice is to be more practical. Instead of worrying about love all the time, go out and have fun (we know you’re good at that)!


What’s yours is yours and that’s that. You’re intense and you feel most comfortable when you are in complete control. But, relationships are balancing acts, and you will have to learn to let your guard down in order to let others in. Scorpios should also try to keep their jealousy in check once they find someone they like. A possessive nature can lead to unhealthy, controlling relationships.


You love learning, loathe routine and are always eager to take on new challenges. You’re also a serious flirt. Your nature often makes you bite off more than you can chew, which can make your love life overwhelming. You may voraciously use dating apps, planning dates each weekend, or get texts from people you don’t even remember talking to. Focusing on less isn’t your strong suit, but finding a companion requires more dedicated interactions.


You are extremely goal-oriented, and crave efficiency and professionalism. But these traits also make you negative and unforgiving towards the shortcomings of others. You keep trying to find love “the right way” but the secret is that there is no “right way” to find love, and you cannot utilize your strict planning nature to do so.


You are the force that will change the world. You see possibilities for innovation and positive social change everywhere you look. Emotions, on the other hand, make you want to retreat into the turtle shell you didn’t even know you had. Although you thrive in team settings, and can easily converse with almost anyone, your guarded nature makes it challenging for people to get to know you on a deeper level.


Imaginative, sensitive and wise, a Pisces is a wonderfully romantic partner to have. But as you’ve probably experienced before, your dreaminess can be a recipe for disaster. It makes you ignore obvious problematic parts of your life, and can cause you to react destructively once you return from your fantasy. Love is indeed a beautiful thing, but a Pisces must remember that love requires effort.

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