Why Are Women Doing This To Their Lips

January 30, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

How Much are Your Lips Worth?

‘Would you be willing to invest between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 on your lips? They say that in terms of technology, Asians lead the way, but also in plastic surgery. Thick lips? Please…! That is out of fashion, now what the girls want is for their lips to form a perfect heart, as if they had drawn them on themselves.’

The Details are Not Very Pleasant

‘According to the plastic surgeon Melissa Doft, the procedure is to extract skin from the lips. Then, with the help of a few sutures, the shape is defined. The aim is for the upper lip to be thinner than the bottom lip.

Some precautions must be taken after the procedure

‘After a week you have to go to remove the stitches, but in some cases they fall naturally. According to the experience of several patients the pain is tolerable (of course, it depends on how delicate your skin is). In any case it is necessary to take a special diet, so that the dis-inflammation is faster.’

Some consider it a ‘test of love’

Some European magazines say that this procedure has become a worldwide trend for this 2017, because it is a kind of “test of love” that women carry out to show what they feel for their partner. Even some testimonies from women who have done so ensure that there is no better way to express what they feel for their loved one.

The Choice is Yours

‘Anyway, everyone is free to do with their mouth what they want, and if many girls risk experiencing pain for vanity, it is their decision. However, it is very important that you do not go with the idea that the corner office can perform the procedure.’

But how much will it cost?

‘The price depends on where you live. Being a novel procedure the number varies between 1,000 and 3,000 dollars, but in some places it costs up to 7,000 dollars. Cheap, right? Everybody wants to have an enviable lips, and the advantage is that you only have to go once, there is no need to re-inject.’

Know Yourself

‘Do not forget that there are bodies that are not prepared for any operation and the consequences are serious, so go with a certified doctor. Believe me, you will not be served beautiful lips if you end up in the pantheon.’

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