Which Body Part You Should Flaunt Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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We all have areas in our bodies that are stronger than other regions and even when it comes to looks, some are better looking than others. Some find pride in having feminine hands, some find pride in having strong shoulders and some find pride in their overall physique.

But according to our respective zodiacs we have a designated body part that gives us an edge over other people. If you look at a natal chart, you will realize that we all fall in different houses and those houses represent differently.

It is important to know that there is a thing called as medical astrology also. This article is about your sun signs and according to them which area of your body you should flaunt. So let’s get into this, and know which body part manifests your inner sprit according to your zodiac sign.

12. Aries: your face is your money maker.

Your focus should be on your face and that is the most important part of your body. You might have a different opinion about yourself, you might think you are average looking or you even might think that you are drop dead gorgeous. But regardless of what you think, your face is what you should flaunt in front of people.

Your inner spirit is on your face and you are your face – don’t get confused by this sentence. You have to carefully look at your features, the way your nose is shaped, the intense look you have on your face and how you look at people with those dreamy, deep eyes. What you should do is, take care of your skin and make sure it doesn’t cause pigmentation. Moisturize your lips properly, and drink more juices.

11. Leo: You have a strong and sexy back

Would it be a cliché if I say that Leos are bring the sexy back? The main area for the lion is their spine and their heart. They are the sort of people who will have your back and be very loyal to you. They are the sort of people who show their love openly and they have their heart in the open to give to everyone in their life.

To flaunt your area, I would suggest you get some backless dresses and if you are a guy – you can simply go bareback in the gym or for a run. Your back muscles are strong and their shape is evident. Since your star is the ‘sun’ – you are more courageous than others. Taking care of your spine and back should be of utmost importance. Maintaining a good posture, exercising and eating healthy should be your lifestyle.

10. Taurus: the spot light should be on your neck

Stretch your neck as much as you can, make sure you don’t end up getting a stiff neck. People find your neck and your collar bones really hot. You are like a bird who gets attention of the opposite gender by flaunting its neck and feathers. Flirting with someone while you run your fingers on your collar bone sorta thing? We know we all have done that at least once and that too subconsciously. You are a ‘foodie’ and the best date for you is where you get to eat great food.

As Taurus has the Venus energy, they like to savor the sweetness of life. There are chances that you like singing and focus on how your voice is. The way you speak can be very seductive and that is how you flaunt yourself at times. Take care of your neck and throat both, because it is the inner that matters more.

9. Gemini: Flex those arms

When it comes to expressing yourself, you do it more with your body and less with your hands. You are demonstrative and like to move your arms a lot. Considering that you have the Mercury energy, you communicate more with your body language.

Since your arms are attached to your arm and are a part of your special body part, you need to find ways to show them off and strengthen them also. Sleeveless shirts, if you are a girl then tube tops are your thing. When other people focus on your shoulders and arms, you feel confident and sexy. Flaunting this area will give you more freedom, especially in terms of your expression.

8. Cancer: If you got it, flaunt it!

This will not just let you breathe easy but it will also make you feel stronger. You are hard from the outside and soft from the inside, but your ‘chest region’ is your strongest body part.

But don’t worry, you have the confidence to flaunt a vulnerable area like this. It doesn’t matter what the size of the chest it, you being a girl or a guy – it is your area of energy. The size matters on if you are a full moon cancer or a half moon cancer. Wear things that accentuate your chest, be it collar shirts or a deep neck shirt.

7. Virgo: digest that all

Virgos like to stay in shape and eat healthy. They are all about a healthy lifestyle and aiming for a chiseled body. Your inner systems work at an optimum level and due to that it is easy for you to keep your health better. One can have a really hard time keeping their health in good shape if their digestive system does not support them.

Your energy is of Mercury and this is exactly what makes your body look seamless. You like to show this part of your body off, you even might have a six pack. It’s not just about what it looks like from the outside but your gut feelings are also strong. You have a strong intuition and if you don’t trust it, you should start to.

6. Libra: Them dangerous curves

Libra’s hips certainly don’t lie! You have a good, juicy and voluptuous backside. It is not necessary that you are curvy with this but it is a sight to look at. Considering that Venus rules your energy, it is not hard to believe that people move towards you because of how strong and beautiful your hips are.

If you are a woman, wearing high-waist jeans will make you show your booty off more and give you a great shape. If you are a guy, a nice suit or well stitched pants would do. Wearing chains or beads with you jeans would be a good idea also. And how you forget those squats? Squats should be your best friends.

5. Scorpio: Center of gravity

You naughty Scorpio! You cannot hold yourself back as all your energy is centered around your private and intimate life. A Scorpio’s chakra is red in color and it means that is a sign of passion. You are exactly like the planet that rules you – Mars. Which is all about sexual desires and sexuality itself. You are passionate and fiery when it comes to love making, along with this you are a mysterious element to yourself.

So if you are a Scorpio, flaunt your sexuality like it is no one’s business. Don’t take the advice wrong, that certainly does not mean you roam around naked but this just means that your body language and your intense stare does all the talking for you.

4. Sagittarius: Them thighs have got to be strong

You should love your leg day! You have slender legs and thighs make up most of your body. They are not hard to notice since they are all out there. You walk in a graceful manner, slowly putting your foot on the floor. Much like a horse, you look beautiful when you walk past people.

This is your region to flaunt, so you must take care of it. Exercise is a must to keep them strong, and wearing pants that make it easier for you to show them curves. Be it a dress or pants, you rock them like it is no one’s business.

3. Capricorn: Bend it like Beckham

All your sex appeal is in your knees. They are not scrawny at all, and you love showing them off. Capricorns are very particular about their boundaries, so what is above the knee and what is below the knee is a different strong.

If you are a woman, you should wear dresses, now if they fall above your knee that communicates something different and if they are above the knee then that signifies something entirely different. You like to climb mountains, be it literal or metaphorical.

2. Aquarius: Calves it is for you

Wanderlust is your middle name. And you see life as a long journey, for which calves are the main body part for you. Your body part might not signify a physical part of your life, but it focuses on a more metaphorical side.

An Aquarian needs the strength and ability to keep moving forward when things get tough for them. They are practical people and they dress accordingly. So when it comes down to showing your calves, you are not hesitant. You like wearing them shorts and pants that fit you perfectly well.

1. Pisces: Foot Fetishes!

Yes we find food fetishes weird and we think that they are not real – but they are. Pisces put all their weight on their feet and that is exactly the body part that they should flaunt. You are a dreamer who is on ground and is sensible at the same time.

You have a pragmatic approach in life and you take life in a stride. As you don’t put weight on your shoulders, you put it on your feet – you have a sense to feel grounded all the time. You know you should wear something that keeps your feet comfortable and protected.

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