What You See First In This Image Can Tell A Lot About Your Hidden Inner Self

January 10, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

All of us are unique individuals. There is no one on this earth who is exactly the same as we are. And that’s what makes us all so special. Each one of us has different perspectives on things, beliefs, and life in general. This is what makes us unique and reinforces many of our life decisions. The way we analyze problems, look into risks or not consider risks at all, take risks or don’t, shapes our lives.

If you want to learn just a bit more about yourself, this picture test is the best and a safe bet. Do not worry as there is no correct or incorrect choice. Just look at the picture once without thinking much and see what you can find first; tree, gorilla, fish, and lion. Whatever thing you see first will reveal something about your personality.


Most people see the tree first in the image as it is certainly the most prominent one. If you are one of them, you certainly work your way through life by logic. You look at life; black and white and rarely find yourself digging out a grey.

You always trust your brain when it comes to making important decisions and rarely let the heart take control. That’s a great quality to have but on the downside, you might not be able to express your emotions effectively.

You are afraid to take any risks and only work towards goals which seem logical and accessible to you. This sometimes leads you to miss out on opportunities that require just a little bit of bravery to get started. You need to open up a tad bit and be willing to take minor risks here and there to unleash the adventure in your life.


If you saw a Gorilla first, you might be struggling with low self-esteem. People who spot the Gorilla first usually have very high standards for themselves and are often unsatisfied with their progress. This leads them to be a workaholic when it comes to achieving their 


While it might be harmful at times, the best part about such people is their constant drive to learn and grow. They have a great ability to focus and often know a lot about the subject they are passionate about. They might also appear a little boastful at times as they passionately talk about the things they have learned which to other people might seem a little arrogant.


If you are a lion person, you are certainly a fiery spirit that values freedom over everything. Such people often have a very strong intuition which they do not hesitat4 to act upon as well. They rarely take into account any logic and make decisions based on their gut.

They have an adventurous spirit that loves to explore new horizons but can sometimes be forgetful of others. They are very ambitious and often are willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of it. This habit can sometimes make them appear careless and selfish.

They do work well in a group and often are responsible for bringing about a positive change in the community. Although, they find it hard to use all their energy in one direction. Once they do, the results are purely magical.


Fish is the least apparent thing in this entire picture and there are very few people who can spot it. If you are one of those few ones who saw a fish, then you surely know how to make an impact without standing out in a traditional manner.

Usually, such people are easier to hand out with and get along with almost anyone. They have a general positivity about them which surely radiates as everyone loves them. They rarely wish any harm on anyone and are constantly trying to help others out. They are hopelessly romantic and believe in love for all mankind. They truly appreciate life for what it is and are forever grateful.

While this quality makes them super special, people can sometimes take advantage of their selflessness.

What did you think of this test? Did you find it to be effective or not? And moreover, what is your key drive for making major life decisions. Let us know in the comments section below.

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