The Shape Of Your Butt Says This About Your Health

January 24, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Here’s what your butt shape says about your health. Check them out!

Heart Shaped Butt

This type is also called as the Pear shaped butt or A- shaped butt. People who have heart shaped butt have larger fat distribution in the upper thighs.

H-Shaped Butt

People who have H-shaped butt have fat distributed around the love handles.

V-Shaped Butt

Women who have lower estrogens level generally have a V-Shaped butt.

Round Shaped Butt

Round shaped butt is like bubble butt or looks like a bubble butt. This is a perfect butt shape. This kind has the fat distributed uniformly and perfectly.

Exercise And Live A Health Life

When the fat in your bottoms is more than the required amount, it causes hemorrhoids. But, there is nothing to panic about that, just eat healthily, exercise regularly and stay free from any disease.

The human body can tell you about your health problems without going for MRI and X-ray check-up and you shouldn’t ignore them. You should always keep an eye on the signals that your body gives you because as said ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and you can treat your problem before it becomes serious.

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