Snorting a Single Line of Cocaine Permanently Alters Your Brain

January 23, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Even though cocaine is highly illegal across the world, millions of people are using it recreationally on a regular basis. And, they think they can pick this ‘party drug’ up and drop it whenever they like, being not as highly addictive as heroin or other hard drugs.

What’s more, they believe cocaine is not causing serious damage to their body as they don’t become physically dependent on it.
A Study Proving the Opposite

However, researchers from the University of East Anglia discovered that snorting even a single line of this drug physically changes the human’s brain. And, the changes are permanent.

The study found that a single dose of cocaine physically changes the reward part of the brain. This means that the user is more likely to relapse into drug addiction after experiencing a future stressful event.

So, this could happen even if you were strongly convinced you were not addicted. In other words, you are no longer the same person after taking a dose of cocaine.

Dr. Peter McCormick explains they wanted to find out what causes the major problem among cocaine addicts – relapse. So, the researchers discovered the drug interrupts the interaction between receptors.

It turned out these changes could raise the chances of relapse after stressful events. Nevertheless, researchers discovered a potential mechanism that could prevent such relapse. Even though the research involved only rats, the same receptors affect stress and drug addiction in humans.
Something to Remember

A lot of young people take cocaine believing it doesn’t harm their body or brain. However, this research proved the opposite. It showed that taking this popular drug occasionally in your youth can make your brain prone to many addiction problems in future.

Currently, the United States battles with a serious opioid crisis, while addiction continues to be a huge problem in the country.

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