Parents Abandoned Him for Being Ugly, Now He Is Inspiring Millions

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It is very difficult to imagine parents abandoning the children of their own for some particular reason. However, this is what happened to the Jono Lancaster, the parents of this man left him after a while when he arrived into this world as an infant. The reason they gave was that Jono had some kind of condition and that made him look very ugly. Obviously, they should reconsider this statement because they actually have an ugly heart. We all know that it is hard to be an average kid these days, but if the parents of a child abandon him or her, it could have many devastating effects. Despite of everything, Jono carved his own path out of his emotional battles, and he helped other with the same condition so all of them can lead the happy and normal life.
Jono is suffering from “Treacher Collins Syndrome” and it’s been 30 years like this

Being unfortunate, this condition caused Jono to suffer from the facial deformities all his life, but it could just do that, Jono has in him what it takes. He not only lives his own life to fullest but also help the other with similar problem so that they can accept themselves and their differences.

The Story of Jono will leave you hanging in the air

Jono was born with this disease, and it caused facial deformities and deformed many facial bones. Due to this disease, Jono’s appearance deformed. This is not the end, the same condition also caused him the problem in hearing.

Despite of the problems, he has stayed positive during his entire childhood and adulthood

I don’t think what Jono did is easy. It takes a great strength to stay positive when you have so many emotional battles to fight. The first and the worst thing was that his parents left him a few hours after his birth and gave such a lame reason for abandoning their son. They said that their son was too ugly for them to look at. Actually, they had ugly hearts.

Jono did not whine about his past and found out that he was lucky

Specifically, he lives in a world where other individuals suffering from the same disease go through at least 80 facial surgeries in their entire lives. Finally, after 80 times they get some semi-normal appearance.

He was different, It is sure that he deserved the social services

At least, humanity is still alive in this world and there are a few nice people left. One of those angels is woman, we know this woman as Jean Lancaster. This miraculous woman adopted Jono and provided him with a life everyone deserves.

It was easy to live in the home with Jean but school days were not the same

Whenever he would go to the schools, the other students would prefer looking away than looking towards Jono. Some of the students would say that if anyone gets close to Jono, they will catch the same problem. Thus, it wasn’t easy being Jono in the school.

Jono couldn’t understand the actual problem about his schoolfellows so he asked Jean

When Jono told Jean about his problems in the school, Jean began to cry and Jono started feeling guilty for making her mom sad. He couldn’t understand the reason of tears coming through Jean’s eyes. He though that it is his mistake somehow.

Jono began his rebellion when he was a teenager, similar to other teenagers

We can understand that a person going through so much problems can get angry sometimes. At that point in age, mostly teenager become rebel. Unfortunately, Jono began acting out with many people. Those people also included some individuals who adored

One out of 10,000 kids suffer from “Treacher Collins Syndrome” in UK, sorry Jono, you are not lucky

The disease affected the development of his tissues and his facial bones, the face of Jono got the drooping effect. This condition can also affect the breathing of the patient sometimes. It has a rare effect on the intelligence. There is only one positive side, the person suffering from this disease gets to live longer.

Jono made a determination of the normal life, he ignored the ridiculous and harmful people

Jono found himself a job with the help of his friend. He began to work in a bar. It is very hard to find a job while suffering with this condition. However, the job was no less than a blessing in the start it was a difficult thing.

His boss gave him stern lecture because Jono thought that people laugh due to his face

Overall, the owners of the bar were kind with Jono, they were also interested in knowing about the condition Jono was suffering from, although there were some horrible times when drunk people used to make fun of him.

Despite of every problem he continued to live his life at fullest

Jono found out the positivity of laughter after the skinhead hilariously told him about how he would not be able to listen to complain about his wife about his appearance.

At last, Jono came to know it was not his face but his attitude was the real disabling factor

He came to know that the right attitude is the right approach to achieve his goals, so he worked on himself and met his goals. He became a motivation and an inspiration for the others to fight this disease and this thing enriched the life of Jono in a lot of ways.

He got a diploma in the sports science and found a job at the gym after the bar

At first, after leaving the job at war and earning the diploma, Jono started working in a gym as fitness instructor. In this way, he achieved the boost of confidence that urged him to bring it on with the life. It made him feel more confident and good in ways he could never imagine.

In the Fitness First, Jono found the Love of his life

Juno found Laura Richardson at the gym he worked in. At that point, Laura was 20 years old. Yes, Laura noticed the face of Jono, but eventually, she began to look more and with the passage of time, she realized that there is something more in Jono than his condition. For Laura, the face of Jono doesn’t matter. Afterwards, this amazing couple bought their home and now they live together happily.

Currently, Jono is working as the inspirational teacher for others suffering from same condition

A couple of years ago, they invited Jono to come to Australia to meet the little Zachary Walton. The kid is also suffering from the same condition, and that child considers Jono an idol.

Jono travels to a lot different places in world for the inspiration of kids like these

The kids look up to him as what they would become so they cherish his company and adore him. The kids feel inspired around him. The reason might be that they see their future in the face of Jono.

Struggle and Acceptance are the only two things that will help the people with this problem

Jono tells his own stories to these children and the parents so they can feel motivated that everything will be perfect after all. In this way, he helps some burdened souls in the world. It’s the least he could do.

Jono spent 23 years before he accepted the face of his own, now he helps others

Now, the new goal of Jono is to spread the awareness through other foundations. In this way, he can inspire others and he doesn’t want the people like him to go through the things he went himself.

The “Love Me, Love My Face Foundation” throws many fundraisers and the awareness parties

They throw these parties for the patients of the same disease Jono suffered. He gives them some comfort about their problem.

No one can give the change to someone else, all one can do is to inspire

Jono’s favorite goal is to inspire others. He wants to tell everyone that do not let your negative energy bring you down particularly if you are suffering from this disease. He is the living evidence of how the correct attitude can work wonders for you even at the worst times.

Jono found some parents that adore their children instead of leaving them behind

Jono’s parents left him when he was born. The parents refused to meet Jono when he was five again. After Jono grew up, he found his parents using the social and came to know that he had to other siblings. Unfortunately, they rejected him again.

A few kids suffering from the Treacher Collins must go through reconstructive surgery for years

These children also suffer from the tracheotomy, just like this little kid, it means they can’t breathe properly, so it is necessary to look after them every couple of hours.

Jono is an inspiration for other similar to him

Jono loves to spend the time with kids similar to him so he can teach them the ways to live their lives. He keeps on increasing the number of people he is helping.

Jono Lancaster is an inspiration for us all

Jono is assisting the kids suffering from this problem all over the globe. Nothing can stop him from his mission. He has made the support system to take of the children and the parents in New Zealand, American and even Australia. Jono says, “These kids don’t need to grow up feeling so alone.”

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