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Step aside men, you’re about to be replaced!

Apparently, males have a new competitor for satisfying a woman in every sense of the word. Due to recent technological advances, robots may actually take over their role in the bedroom. Yes, you read that right!

Companies like Real Doll are going to be making male sex dolls with batteries in them that can be charged to go for as long as they’re needed for.

However, making a male sex robot might be a bit more challenging than making a female sex robot. The male sex doll will need to come up with some tricks that female robots don’t need. Therefore, their creators made sure these sex dolls are able to respond to verbal dialog in order to make the experience feel much more real for a woman.

Furthermore, the robot male sex dolls are going to come in all shapes and sizes. They will be designed as the ultimate boyfriends, meaning they will have a back-story and you will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with them.

Can you imagine? No more tricking men into going out, you will be able to do whatever you want with these dolls.

As soon as technology reaches to the point where it’s possible, they are even going to be able to carry their human lover around like a real man would.

According to experts, women will pay as much money for a male sex robot as the companies ask for. Since a lot of women buy sex toys, this is just taking that concept to the next level.

By 2030 a sex robot is expected to become the norm, and it won’t end there. In fact, by 2050, having a robot sex toy will become so normal that even poor people will be able to afford one.

Even though they’re calling this the “ultimate pleasure experience”, it still makes you wonder where are we are headed. Some people think it will be hard to get used to the idea since these are objects without feelings, flesh, and blood. In addition, anti-sex robot campaigners argue that sex robots will make us think about sex as a commodity.

So what do you think? Are these sex dolls with bionic penises going to replace the need for real men? And with cell phones replacing communication and robots replacing sex, is this really the direction we want to take? Or will we just become more isolated?

Check out the fascinating video below, and let all your friends know about it!

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