Mother Forgives Sociopath Son Who Murdered Her Daughter

January 22, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

"On February 5, 2007 Charity Lee was at her job as a waitress in Abilene, Texas, when police arrived and told her that her daughter Ella, 4, was dead. She was stabbed 17 times by her brother Paris, 13 at the time. The teen had convinced the babysitter to go home before picking up a knife and attacking his sleeping half-sister. Paris then called 911 and admitted what he had done. "I accidentally killed somebody," he told the operator. "'You think you killed somebody?" she responded. "No I KNOW I did," Paris said, crying. "My sister...I feel so messed up."

Josephine Thompson - Journalist

Paris would later tell his mother that he killed Ella to destroy her life. He was angry at Charity for her brief relapse into cocaine use when he was 9. Charity has previously overcome heroin addiction before she became pregnant with Paris.

He was sentenced for 40 years imprisonment, the maximum for juvenile murder. Charity still visits Paris, now 24, behind the bars.

"I have forgiven Paris for what he did but it's an ongoing process," Charity, now 44 and living in Savannah, Georgia, has told the press. "If he was free, I would be frightened of him." Paris has an IQ of 141 - anyone above 140 is considered a genius. He was diagnosed as a sociopath in 2009, though he denies being mentally ill. When he was arrested, he first claimed that he had a hallucination, only later saying that he was of clear mind when he killed Ella in a revenge plot.

"I chose to do my crime and I take full responsibility for my crime," Paris has told the press. "And I wouldn’t say there was a predisposition to what happened. I’m not insane and I don’t suffer from any mental illness." However, Charity has not allowed Phoenix, her new child, to meet Paris. In fact, Paris isn't allowed any contact with children – including prison visits - because of his infanticide.

Charity claims that this separation is what allows her to visit him: "If Paris wasn’t in prison or was able to meet Phoenix, I would have to do a lot more soul-searching." However, she still wants to help him. "I sometimes have to say to myself [during visits]: "Okay, Charity, take a breath, you know how Paris is wired," she says. "But I am not going to be that parent who abandons their kid."

Charity has also set up The Ella Foundation, a nonprofit organization which aims empower people affected by violence. She did it because a month after Paris was arrested in 2007, the Texas Youth Commission - which had been looking after him - was indicted for physical and sexual abuse of their underage wards. Charity visits prisons to speak about ways to deal with violence that improve a persons life instead of destroying it.

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