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Have you ever given any thought to your belly button? Not much, right? But, even though you’ve probably dismissed it as unimportant, your belly button can tell you a lot about your health as well as your personality.

According to the study of navel shapes called omphalomancy, you can learn a lot from the lump, configuration, and color of your umbilicus. Read below and find out the surprising revelations from the shape of your belly button.

1. What it means in terms of your health

Navel Like a Button

If the bulge of the button is more striking than usual, it could mean that you lifted something heavy that could put you at risk of a hernia.

Little Bulge

If you have this type of belly button, you are more likely to get flu virus.

Tucked Navel

Individuals who have this type of a navel usually have weight problems. Furthermore, they are also prone to a flu virus.

Almond Shaped

Those who have an almond-shaped navel are prone to experiencing pain in the muscles as well as migraines. Some might even experience weakness in the bones.

Bulged with a U-form

Although this type of a belly button looks nice, people who have it might be prone to developing skin and kidney illnesses. On the other hand, it also means children are less likely to be born with genetic abnormalities.

2. What it means in terms of your personality

Round Shape
People who have round and deep navel are optimistic. They tend to look at the bright side of things. They’re very communicative, have good relationships with family and friends, which is why they always have their support. And their money luck is also good.

Big Shape
Big and deep navel indicates good luck. Persons with this type of navel are considered generous, wise, and excellent in management. They would probably have a few failures at a young age, but they would be very successful in their 40s. They should definitely never miss good opportunities!

Shallow Shape

Those who have small and shallow navel are weak and negative. They are famous for not finishing what they have started. They should be more positive!

Protruding Shape
People with a protruding belly button are stubborn, love being in the spotlight and are frequently used by others. So, they need to be really careful.

Upward Shape
Those who have upward, big and deep navels, have the ideal shape of a belly button. They’re quite cheerful, get along well with people, and are likely to reach success.

Downward Shape
Opposite to those with upward shape, people with a downward navel tend to be less energetic and have a lot of unfinished work.

Oval Shape
People with an oval shape of a navel are somewhat neurotic, often think too much and miss many good opportunities.

Wide Shape
Individuals with a wide navel are often suspicious, vigilant and strong-willed. They should be more open and communicative to get good luck.

Circular Shape
If you have a circular shape of a navel, that means you fall in love very often. When choosing a partner, you should look for someone with a good navel shape. You also need to be careful in terms of your health.

Downward V Shape
Those who have this shape of a navel tend to have a good financial situation, health, and family relationships. They lead good and stable lives.

There’s no scientific evidence that can support the claim your belly button can predict your health or personality. However, it’s still fun, right?

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