Little Girl Reports Her Parent's Marijuana Operation By Herself

January 22, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

On June 8, a 9-year-old girl walked to Barnesville Police Station all by herself. She wanted to report her parents: according to the girl, they were growing and selling marijuana. The unnamed 9-year-old was conflicted about snitching on her own parents, but she was also very angry at them for having a drug operation in the same house where they lived with their 9-year-old daughter. She reported that her parents blew some into the family's dog mouth, which made her worried about the dog's health – and that of her own.

“She was clearly upset because she didn’t want to turn her parents in. But at the same time, she knew her parents did wrong,” an officer told the press, “She was very smart and very articulate. It was almost like talking to an adult. She gave some pretty specific information about things, like types of drug paraphernalia, that no young person ought to have knowledge about.”

A police raid on her parent's home discovered seven marijuana plants, drug paraphernalia and even meth. During the investigation, the girl spent time with her grandparents, but she's now apparently back with her parents.

“We have spoken with the parents,” remarked the officer. "There is no sign of retaliation from her parents. Both of them understood they were wrong and showed remorse.”

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