Husband Punches Wife For Getting "Likes" On Facebook

January 30, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Jayson Beck - Journalist

"Sometimes, even something as innocuous as Facebook likes can be a vector for stupid domestic violence to erupt. Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, 21, from Paraguay, was held against her will at her home by her 32-year-old husband, Pedro Heriberto Galeano, who beat her every time she got a like on her pictures on Facebook. Adolfina was so disfigured by the beatings that she required extensive reconstructive surgery."

The woman's lawyer told the court how Pedro would become violent after anyone liked her photos on Facebook, beating her up every time one of her friends reacted to them.

He even took control of her Facebook profile... which he used to post more pictures of her, and beat her for every like she received.

The police was alerted by Pedro's father, who was afraid that he would kill Adolfina. "'Her mouth was all broken, she was very damaged, her skin was hanging off because of the blows," the lawyer described the woman's condition.

"He controlled the victim's social networking sites, he controlled the messages and photos, and for every 'like' she received from her friends, the woman received a beating because he accused her of having a relationship with them." Adolfina only saved her teeth because Pedro would put a cloth over her mouth so she wouldn't scream.

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