According To Science This Type Of Man Gives The Best Orgasms

January 24, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Female orgasm has always been a complicated topic. Various studies tried to find out the complexities and how men can give their women the best orgasms. Recently, a study has found out that humorous, creative, warm, faithful, and better-smelling partners give the best orgasms. The study is quite interesting and it’s a kind of guide for men and women as well. Men can learn how they can become the required person in terms of giving the best orgasms and women will clue what kind of men they should pick as their partners. 

A research published in Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology says ” Overall, women reported variation in their orgasm rates with different partners. Partners who induced high-orgasm rates were rated as more humorous, creative, warm, faithful, and better smelling than partners who induced low-orgasm rates and also engaged in greater efforts to induce partner orgasm.”

The research included 103 single women and they all were supposed to complete a survey of 71-minutes. The researchers deliberately excluded committed women or those in a relationship to avoid the factor the favoritism. 

They believed “Those in a relationship may feel obliged to rate their current partner more favorably than is strictly true.”

The primary focus of the study was to find out the type of man who gives women the most enjoyable orgasms. The study revealed as well that attractiveness was a factor when it came to getting orgasms. 

This suggests that attraction allows women to experience intimacy at a much higher level.

However, the paper also highlighted that attractiveness wasn’t based on good looks alone, saying: “The pattern found in our results suggests, conversely, that women’s orgasms depended on more on traits potentially representing investment and attentiveness (e.g. faithfulness, emotional warmth) than classic markers of good genes and masculinity.”

Participants were informed that participation was voluntary and anonymous and that they could withdraw without penalty. Participants then answered questions relating to their ‘high-orgasm’ and ‘low-orgasm’ partners (counterbalanced). At the end of the survey, participants were asked if they had misrepresented any information. They were assured they would receive full payment even if they had. Fourteen women indicated that they were in a relationship at the time of the survey. These women’s data were included when analyzing general sexual behavior, but excluded when comparing high- and low-orgasm-inducing partners to prevent current partner bias. Participants were debriefed at the end of the study.

Women reported variation in orgasm during intercourse based on different sexual behaviors. Orgasm frequency was significantly lower during intercourse without manual clitoral stimulation when compared to intercourse paired with self-stimulation of the clitoris and partner stimulation of the clitoris. However, no significant differences were observed in orgasm frequency when comparing intercourse paired with self- and partner stimulation. 

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