9 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love A Lot

January 22, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

There are a lot of things that attract guys to women. Not everything that attracts them is based on beauty – there are in fact a lot of behaviors that females engage on a daily basis that can simply drive men mad with affection and excitement. This story is going to list 15 such behaviors that all girls can engage in, in order to have a better time out with their partners.

Burying Your Head in His Chest

Every guy loves when a girl gets all cuddly and cute. Guys especially love when a girl tries to place her head on his chest, as then they feel they are giving their partner all the comfort and security that she needs. Plus. they can smell and stroke her hair.

Being Affectionate In Public

Every guy loves a girl that can be affectionate in public. You don’t have to grope each other and make out on every bench in the park, but even holding his hand in public can be enough to show that you like being in a serious relationship with him.

Playing With His Hair

This one is a more controversial female behavior – while some guys love when their girls play their hair, other guys could actually get slightly annoyed from touching her hair. Better to try it out a few times and see how he reacts.

He Loves Being Physically Close to You

Intimacy and being physically close to each other is another important aspect of being in a properly functioning relationship. Being physically close does not have to always imply sex – even cuddling and playing in the bed can be good enough.

He Loves It When He Catches You Looking At Him

Have you tried to look at your guy, and perhaps expected that he won’t notice your gaze? Well, if he did notice you looking at him or his body, know that guys find that kind of behavior extremely sexy and satisfying, so don’t be ashamed.

Looking Into Your Eyes

Looking into another person’s eyes can be an awkward task for many people. That is because most people are not comfortable with strangers – but as your partner, your guy should actually feel comfort and passion upon deeply looking into your eyes. That’s the magic of being in a relationship.

Guys Prefer Honest Women

While some movies try to portray the ideal woman as someone who is always bantering back and forth with her boyfriend, the truth is that many guys have reported that they value honesty in their long-term partners above most other things.

Praising Him On Facebook

All guys, no matter how humble they are, love to be praised by the girl they love. Even if you have done this before, it does not hurt to praise him again. Do note that doing this too often could eventually grow his ego to epic proportions.

He Loves When He Makes You Smile

Guys love to be able to make their girl smile, as then they know that she is spending some quality time with them. Otherwise, if you are always serious with your boyfriend, he might start to get worried that he is boring and unexciting.

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