8 Signs You Need To Go To The Gynecologist As Soon As Possible

January 22, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

It’s obvious that no one wants to go to the doctor. Because The whole process sucks, sitting in the waiting room for too long, having to strip down and wear an uncomfortable paper gown, being poked and prodded at, and then having to answer personal questions. But If you have a vagina, and you have no clue what’s going on down there then you need to consult a Gynecologist asap.

Gynecologists are professionals just like other doctors, and they treat your lady parts just like a surgeon treat a heart. Below is the list of 10 terrible signs you need to go to the Gynecologist right now.

1. When Your Monthly Menstruation Is Getting Painful

If your periods have always been painful but manageable, but from the last few months they’ve been so painful that they’re affecting your life, then something might be wrong there. Pain is a given when it comes to PMS, but if it’s really bad, it’s worth getting to check out.

2. When You Are Having Abnormal Menstruation

Pay attention to your body. Menstruation process is different for everyone. If you have a period that is much longer than usual, you should talk to your Gynecologist. It could be an infection, a hormonal infection, a thyroid issue, or polycystic ovary syndrome.

3. When You Miss A Period

Even if you are using protection or birth control, there is a chance that sexual activity can lead to pregnancy. Missing a period can also be a sign of different underlying medical issues. Consult your Gynecologist soon.

4. When You Have Abnormal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is normal and even healthy because it keeps the vagina clean. If your discharge takes a turn away from its usual colour, consistency, or smell, a yeast or bacterial infection is taking place. Your Gynecologist can easily diagnose the problem.

5. When You Found Peeing Painful

A urinary infection is one of the life’s greatest struggle. Painful urination is more uncomfortable than any other painful experience. Painful peeing can be the sign of Sexually Transmitted Infection.

6. When You Feel A Lump In Your Breast

This is rare in young girls, your gynaecologist is also educated on signs of breast cancer, so if you find a lump in your breast, inform her immediately.

7. When There Is Leakage From Your Breast

This happens even if you are not pregnant, Don’t stress about it. But still, you need to contact your Gynecologist. If the discharge is bloody then this needs to get checked. Don’t press or squeeze, it will cause more pain. Fibrocystic breast disease can be the cause of it. This just means tissue in the breasts is making them lumpy. It isn’t anything to worry over.

8. When Your Sex Is Painful

At least this pleasure shouldn’t be painful. Pain during sex as deep pelvic pain. Common causes of painful sex are Dryness of vagina, infections or uterine fibroids. Your Gynecologist will examine and test you to find out that what’s wrong.

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