15 Mistakes Men Should Stop Making In Bed

January 31, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

It can safely be said about men and women that both of them don’t have sexual activities figured out. While each individual has their own way in bed, certain habits dictate the complaints men have of women and women have of men. Here we mention 15 of the mistakes which men make on men that women would desperately want to change.

Touching Inconsiderably

The clitoris is more muddled and complex than the penis. And to be honest, it is a lot more sensitive. However, in their passion for lovemaking men fail to realize how to deal with the clitoris. They just inconsiderably stick their fingers in.

Figure Out What to Do With Our Bosoms

A woman’s bosoms are the most important part for her during sex, which is why there are certain expectations. Men who have no idea what to do with them and just play around need to get their act straight before we dump them.

Foreplay Deserves Time

Penetration isn’t nearly the only pleasurable thing during sex or lovemaking. Women love foreplay as much as they love any other part of the lovemaking process. Thus, foreplay deserves some time as well, as it is a pleasurable activity.

Don’t Over Spank

We as women have a great general idea of how much you guys love spanking, but there is a limit to it. Don’t overdo with the spanking part as not only does it hurt, but also turns us off to be very honest.

Whisper Please

The best part about the sex is the whispers we have during the session. Seriously, we don’t want you guys shouting around. Just come near our ears and whisper what you want with a small peck here and there. That’s what we want.

Try Not to Eat The Ears

We love a little bit of lip action on the ears, but there is an extent to everything on bed. The worst thing about you being obsessed with ears is that we don’t get to enjoy it. Seriously who enjoys their ears being chewed on?

Don’t Just Keep It Physical

Keeping it strictly physical is not the right way to go about things. The right way to go about things is to have a physical as well as verbal connection with each other. Whisper things and get each other excited.

Intercourse Isn’t the Climax

Intercourse isn’t really the climax of lovemaking. There is a lot more to the art of sex making than just simple intercourse. And women rarely get the chills through intercourse. It is the oral sex that gets them started badly.


Although we might hurry the experience more than you guys do sometimes, but it isn’t entirely about intercourse all the time. What really matters is seduction and we want your seduction game to be strong. Men with a strong seduction game know their way.

Please be Different

The thing about men in bed is that once they like one thing about the experience, they start focusing on it and ignore all other details. Sex is a cumulative effort and every detail needs to be taken into account for having a good time.

Quality Matters

Quality matters more than quantity to us. You might think having sex 2-3 times a day may please us, but it is the quality in those sexual excursions that really matters to us. We want to have a good time that is centered on our feelings.

Don’t Be Too Quiet

Although we wouldn’t want you to be too loud on bed, but being too quiet means that we’re literally kicking it off with a robot. At least say something during the experience, just whisper it so that we know you’re involved.

Awkward Undressing

If you cannot undress a woman properly then just let us know so that we can undress ourselves properly. The thing about men who undress us awkwardly is that they fail to realize that we can feel the awkwardness.

You’re Done But I’m Not

Just because you’re done doesn’t mean that I’m done as well. We won’t all the action we deserve on bed and that should be promised regardless of how sleepy or tired you feel after 10 minutes of action.

We are Different

Our bodies are different than yours in more than one way. What we want you to do is realize that you have to care for our special needs during sex on the bed. We want you to be considerate and care for our bodies.

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