10 Relationship Advice You Wish You Had Known Earlier

January 22, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Your relationship is probably the most significant part of your life. While it can be a source of joy, sometimes it can also be heartbreaking. Relationships are meant to make you feel whole and complete. However, you need to invest time and effort in the right direction to make them last.

Though every person has their own way of handling a relationship, here are 10 things compiled by FeedFond you can keep in mind to have a better relationship.

#10 Respect yourself

The most important thing in a relationship is that you respect yourself. That is the key to determine if you are with the right person or not. If you have clear goals and expectations about what you are looking for in a relationship, the chances are higher that you will end up with the right person. And once in a relationship, make sure that you respect and value your partner and his/her opinions and feelings.

#9 Be there for your partner

The feeling of companionship and belonging are two of the essential things people look for in relationships. Never let your partner feel lonely. Make sure they understand and know that you will always be there for them.

#8 Be tolerant of their quirks

Every person has their own quirks and as their partner, be tolerant of it. Keep in mind that no one is perfect and you have your own flaws. If something about your partner’s personality bothers you, be patient, communicate positively; help them to always strive to be their best and to grow.

#7 Flirt with your partner

As cliché as it sounds, this is a secret to a lot of happy marriages and relationships. Many couples keep the spark alive by flirting through the years, even though the relationship matures. These relationships blossom into something more beautiful in their later phases.

#6 Conflicts are unavoidable

It is obvious that when two people are with each other all the time, they will have a difference of opinions. Conflict is inevitable! Unfortunately, there is a misconception that conflict is negative. On the contrary, conflict is often positive as it resolves untouched issues and helps partners to bond with each other better with a clearer understanding of their personalities.

#5 There is more to relationships than just love

Only love is not enough for a relationship to be solid. There are other factors such as trust, respect, and compatibility that are more essential than love alone for a relationship to survive.

#4 State your feedback positively

Any situation is about perspectives. Try to have a positive, considerate approach with your partner. If they have insecurities, address them with love and negate any sort of ill feelings in your relationships.

#3 Effective communication

Communication plays a major role in breaking or keeping a relationship. Be open and communicate to your partner about your dreams, aspirations, and fears. Build trust such that your partner can confide their deepest fears to you.

#2 Do not create a fake image of yourself in your partner’s mind

This is especially applicable during the dating stage of a relationship. Do not pretend to be someone who you are not because then the very basics of the dynamics of your love story will be a farce.

Additionally, even in a relationship, do not give in so much that you lose yourself in the process. Be yourself and be with somebody who will love and accept you for who you are.

#1 Let go

If a relationship is consuming all of your positive energy and making you into a less desirable version of yourself, then let go of the relationship. As the saying goes, relationships are meant to make you better, not bitter.

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