Is your personality more prone to panic attacks! Learn effective ways to overcome it!

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Life these days is more stressful than before. We are often overstressed. Which can cause emotional anxiety and can, in turn, cause panic attacks. This may go undiagnosed and we may not even know what we are going through. Here are symptoms and ways to overcome panic attacks:

Various symptoms of panic attack

List of symptoms:
Your heart starts racing fast
You feel weak, faint, or dizzy.
Shortness of breath
You may turn pale
You experience tingling or numbness in your hands and fingers.
You experience a sense of fright and feel a loss of control
You experience chills and feel sweaty
You might experience pain in the chest
Breathing difficulties

So what’s a panic attack? Anxiety Centre defines a panic attack as a sudden feeling of overwhelming dread, anxiety, and fear as if something inexplicably horrible is about to happen. The signs and symptoms can last from few minutes to few hours.

How can you help yourself?

According to NHS, Professor Paul Salkovskis, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Applied Science at the University of Bath suggests that we shouldn’t let fear or anxiety control us.

“Panic attacks always pass and the symptoms are not a sign of anything harmful happening,” he told NHS. “Tell yourself that the symptoms you’re experiencing are caused by anxiety.”

He suggests not to look for distractions. “Ride out the attack. Try to keep doing things. If possible, don’t leave the situation until the anxiety has subsided.”

“Confront your fear. If you don’t run away from it, you’re giving yourself a chance to discover that nothing’s going to happen.”

As the anxiety begins to pass, start to focus on your surroundings and continue to do what you were doing before.

“If you’re having a short, sudden panic attack, it can be helpful to have someone with you, reassuring you that it will pass and the symptoms are nothing to worry about,” said Professor Salkovskis.

Here’s how you can help yourself!

And if you want to prevent panic attacks forever, you should learn to relax, take care of your holistic well being, avoid stressful situations and above all have a belief system that helps you calmly deal with life situations.

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