Choose A Candle To Find Out What It Reveals About You

December 24, 2017 lilit 0 Comments

Just look at all these candles. Have a nice look. Now Which one do you like most? Don’t like any of those? Choose the one that annoys you less. Done with your choice. Well, this is how we will check what’s inside you.

Let’s find out what a candle reveals about you!

If You Choose Black

Black is not the color of the evil, it’s actually about the strength of people who have passed. It is not about their evil tendencies. It says you have the strength to cope up with anything in life.

If You Choose Purple

It signals a power-up in your energy and vibration. It also means that your aura has withered but you are not sure of yourself. Candle of purple color can fill your space with energy and help you pump your energy field.

If You Choose White

White color gives the sense of purity and purpose, it also helps to vibrate your spirit at the highest frequency as it reflects lunar energy. This color of the candle is excellent for meditation purposes.

If You Choose Blue

If your choice is this then it says very precious things about you. Blue is a strong color of psychic abilities. Blue color help stabilize your moods and pumps up the vibrational levels of your space. Blue candles can create a healing atmosphere which helps you to recover when you are hurt.

If You Choose Green

Green is the color to choose when you want peace in your life and you feel disconnected from the planet and life. This happens because green is related to the heart chakra. Use green color candle as it is the color of nature and thus associated with calmness.

If You Choose Yellow

Yellow helps to enrich your learning curve. It serves you well when you are quickly trying to learn something new. It is all about peace of mind, communication, and thinking.

If You Choose Red

Red defines fire, passion, and courage in your life. It’s great color to add when you are seeking transition or change. It’s key to feeling inspired and alive in life.

This is what your choice of candle reveals about you. Want your friends to choose and see what it reveals about him/her then share it right now with your folks.

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