Why You Have To Poop When You’re Nervous

November 25, 2017 lil teryan 0 Comments

Anxiety can be a really complicated and even ugly issue, and that’s just talking about the symptoms of it that can do a number on your mind. Anxiety has a way of messing with your body in ways that it’s actually just sort of uncomfortable to talk about. One of those ways might seem a bit gross: anxiety can make you need to poop… a lot. That sounds kind of out there, but your digestive system is actually really delicate, and any imbalance can really throw your stomach and bowels out of whack. Anxiety isn’t just a little imbalance, it’s a really big one, so it’s actually a really common problem to have when you have anxiety. If you’re a person whose digestive system reacts to your anxiety or nervousness, there’s a good chance that your anxiety over something mentally is affecting your need to poop physically, and here’s why.

Your digestive system is one of the most delicate systems in your body. Literally any imbalance in your digestive system can really mess with what’s going on in your body. This is why eating something that even slightly doesn’t agree with you can mess up your body for hours or even days later.

There are a lot of different ways your bowels can be messed with. There are conditions that really screw with how your digestive system works, and any of those conditions can really knock a person out. Some bowel issues just cause minor discomfort that a change in diet or routine can help, but others can cause such distress that they affect how you live your life.

Anxiety is one of the disorders that can mess with your digestive system. A lot of people who have chronic anxiety also have complaints of bowel issues. This is because the stress of having anxiety can alter your hormones, change the speed of your digestion, and put a lot of pressure on your intestines.

Your digestive system isn’t just delicate, it’s complex. In a lot of ways, there are almost no limits in the ways that anxiety can mess with how your digestive system works. This can make it hard to link anxiety with specific conditions the same way you’d come up with a causality for anything else.

Anxiety can manifest physically in a lot of ways. Anyone who has anxiety knows that your physical health can really take a lot of hits when you’re dealing with anxiety, and as you can see, your digestive system is no exception. Here are just a few issues you might be dealing with in your gut if you have anxiety.

The two most common issues involve what comes out, so to speak. The two most common issues that can affect your digestive system when you have anxiety is diarrhea and constipation. If you’ve ever lived through a stressful time, you might have noticed that you weren’t pooping right that whole time, and this is why.

We don’t know why this happens. Nobody knows why anxiety makes you constipated or makes you poop in an irregular way. However, we can infer that anxiety can alter your water intake, which would definitely slow down or speed up your intestines in a not so pleasant way.

Some neurotransmitters have different jobs. For example, serotonin levels out of balance can lead to anxiety, and since serotonin also tells your digestive system what to do, essentially, that neurotransmitter being out of balance can be the reason why things aren’t working so smoothly. This means that people with anxiety might not have enough of a neurotransmitter to regulate their bowels.

Anxiety gives you gas. Anxiety can give a person literal gas and make you fart all the time. When you’re feeling really anxious, your body is under so much stress that it doesn’t process food as well as it should, and that leads to gas.

There are other factors to this. People with anxiety tend to hyperventilate, which means that they could very well be swallowing air. Excess air in your body gets released through your mouth a lot of the time, but sometimes that air gets released through your bowels, leading to farts.

Anxiety can change the color of your poop. This goes hand in hand with diarrhea, although that’s not actually a hard and fast rule or anything. Anxiety can make your body push food through your digestive tract way too quickly, or too slowly. If the food being processed by the digestive system moves too fast or stays stuck somewhere for awhile, it can change the colors and make it kind of strange to look at.

If you’re concerned, talk to a doctor. If at any point you’re really worried about the color of your poop, go to a doctor about it. This goes double if there’s blood in your stool. Even if there isn’t anything physically wrong with your digestive system, it’s good for your doctor to know how your anxiety affects your body.

There’s a whole disorder that gets into this. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is basically an entire condition that links your digestive system and anxiety. Many people believe that IBS is actually caused by stress, and others think that while IBS has a different cause, stress makes it worse.

You might need to go more often. Anxiety might need to make you go all the time. When the fight/flight system is activated in your brain, this instinct turns on in your brain, too. When you feel like you’re in danger, your body uses so much energy that it lets certain things fall to the wayside, like your ability to wait before using the bathroom.

If you’re dealing with anxiety related digestive issues, the key word is your anxiety. Dealing with stomach issues can be really tricky because your bowels run on autopilot without any help from us, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself and eating right to make the job as easy as it can be on your body. Also, you have to remember that these issues are your mental health affecting your physical health, so the faster you get into a better headspace, the better your gut will feel.

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